Thursday, October 23, 2008

Audrey Goes Local

No, the title of my new blog isn't "Audrey Goes Loco" although maybe it should've been. Audrey Goes Local. What does that mean? Well, we all know there's a green movement going on. That's what you read, of course, although I don't see anything revolutionary going on. Yes, a few people here and there carry canvas bags to the grocery store and some well-meaning folks are making a bigger effort to recycle, etc. I give those people props - they are certainly leagues ahead of most people I know. Yet how much of a difference is that really making? I can't be the only person who wonders what more I can do to make a difference. Since I recently left my very cushy corporate job (much to my husband's dismay!), I've found I have much more time on my hands. This newfound time and freedom has allowed me time to read (my favorite pastime)....and time to delve into new challenges and adventures. Within the last few months, I've read Thomas Friedman's HOT, FLAT, and CROWDED, Michael Pollan's THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA and Doug Fine's FAREWELL, MY SUBARU. And I must say....these guys are speaking my language. So these inspirational authors have got me thinking on a larger scale.....and I ask myself much more frequently now....what can I do to make a difference? So I've decided to blog my way through this new challenge. Lends more accountability, don't you think? I can't lie to my readers (all 2 of them!). And maybe my lovely daughter will read this when she's old enough and be proud that I stand for something. So I wanted to start by listing just a few of the things I already do to make a difference (to reduce my carbon footprint, to live more locally, to show respect to Mother Nature, etc):

1.) First and foremost, I am a vegetarian. It's like my religion. No, I do not eat fish or chicken. Yes, I do eat dairy and eggs.
2.) I recycle everything I possibly can or know how to recycle. I have for almost as long as I can remember....and certainly long before it became fashionable.
3.) I spent the majority of 2008 using public transportation to get to that cushy corporate job I was mentioning. Those poor, poor people who had to work with me all day and listen to my gazillion complaints about mass transit. I feel for them. Yet I took it day in and day out. Not only do I talk the talk....I do my best to walk the walk as well.
4.) I make every effort to eat organically and buy local produce.
5.) I take my own bags to the grocery store. KUDOS to Trader Joe's who also lets me enter my name into a raffle for free groceries each time I bring my own bags.
6.) Recently, I started turning up the temperature of my house during the daytime (summer months) to save on electricity. Proof that it's a win/win situation -- my power bill for 8/28-9/26/2007 was $241.05. For 8/27-9/26/2008, it was $148.17. CHACHING. What an idiot I was all that time to not do this.

Okay, this list is getting boring. Let's just say that I've done the minimum that any self-respecting treehugger should do day-to-day. Where do I go from here? Stay tuned to find out...I'm working on my TO DO LIST and it might take a while...
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