Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Will Miss....

I wrote a few of these posts back when Sophie was three/four years old.  I came across them recently and they made me feel all soft and squishy on the inside.  Clara is always making me giggle with the adorable things she does and says and I realized I should write a little about it before it slips my mind.

Last week Sophie went to the movies with some neighbors so Alain & I took Clara out to eat Indian.  She packed up some bags and a small suitcase before we left home. We had no idea what was inside and couldn't wait to find out once we got to the table and she started unloading. As we walked across the parking lot, she looked so cute that we couldn't help but stop and take a picture.

Another day.  Mexican restaurant.  We all turned around at some point to find that Clara was wearing our chip bowl like a hat.  Her expression make all three of us laugh!

On a recent toy store visit, Clara tried on the new beach hats and sunglasses.  She also collected a few toys.  I had to take a picture!

It was so cute, I had to take a second.

The girl loves FROYO.

She sleeps in the car quite often.  You have no idea how many pictures I have just like this one.  I chose this one because of the "fancy" glasses.  She loves to get "fancy" by trying on all of our dress-up clothes and accessories.

She recently filled up a rewards chart because of her good choices and good behavior.  Her reward was that I took her to the toy store and let her pick out a new toy.  Out of literally thousands of toys, she chose this hairdresser costume.  I've had at least 100 haircuts in the past week.  The hair dryer makes a drying sound when you press the button and it makes me giggle every time!

And some cute things she's said recently:

One day, Clara came home from school and said she knew all the planets.  I asked her to name them.  She started...."Mars, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Stupider."

Clara is just as obsessed with Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter as I am.  Each night we sit on my bed and massage some into our feet.  She said to me, "This lotion smells so good" as she buried her face in the container.  "What does it smell like?", I asked.  She replied, "Pinecones."

Yesterday I overheard her say to Sophie, "Your face is truly beautiful."

Just writing this post melts my heart.  Clara is a sweet, affectionate, bright, very well spoken three year old!  She can be quite challenging but is also incredibly charming and silly.  I love hanging out with her and I know I will miss all these things when she gets bigger!
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