Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Love Letter To My Five Year Old Daughter

Sophie, you are five years old!

I hardly know where to begin. How on Earth have five years passed since you entered my life? It seems incomprehensible. Until your baby sister was born, you still seemed so small to me. You were still my baby. My only baby. In seven short weeks, I've come to realize how big you are and how much you've grown. When I hold your foot in my hand, I am amazed at how big it is......because I now have a tiny newborn foot to compare it to. It's hard to imagine that yours was once even smaller than Baby Clara's. I often find myself wishing I could freeze time to keep you this age and this size for as long as I want. Of course that isn't possible so I have to hold on to the memories and visual images in whatever ways I can.

{Sophie, in action}

I've recently come to realize that I owe you a HUGE Thank You. I became a Mother because of you. It's no secret that I was lost and bewildered at first. It took a while but I was able to pull myself together. You were such a wonderful, good, easy baby. A great eater, always. More importantly, a great sleeper. You were always so patient with me as I worked my way through life and my first couple of years as a Mom. We were a team, you and I. I'd often whisper to you that we'd work things out together. You'd always respond with a sweet smile or a knowing glance. There were many times for me that you seemed wise beyond your years. So thank you, sweet girl, for helping me get through that massive transition in my life. We didn't do so bad, did we?

As I look at you now, there are certain things that I admire about you. Your generosity for one. I am always amazed at the way you share with other people. Food, toys, time, candy ....whatever. And you are a really good friend. Recently, as were leaving a birthday party, a friend of yours was very upset at having to leave. He was giving his parents an extremely hard time. We'd made it all the way to our cars and he realized he'd left some chocolate favors inside. His parents did not want to go back to the party....your friend was crying. And what did you do? You reached into your favor box, took out a chocolate candy and handed it to him. With that, he immediately stopped crying and got into the car without further ado. His parents were so grateful and amazed at how easily you gave up your chocolate treat. I was also left with my mouth agape. Yet I shouldn't have been surprised .....because that is your nature.

{Sophie, with school friends at her school birthday party}

You're currently enrolled in swimming lessons and have been to four classes already. I've been with you twice to watch. It's such a pleasure. When you're there, you have a permanent smile plastered to your face. It's divine. Joie de vivre is a french term that you'll hear often in your life. It means a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit. When I'm watching you at swim class (and quite often throughout your life) this term comes to mind. You definitely have joie de vivre. You are just an incredibly passionate person. So many things make you happy and I love, love, love watching you when you're truly enjoying something. I hope you keep this with you as you get older!

It's only been a little under two months but you recently became a big sister. I love watching you as you grow into this new role. You adore your little sister and I love to watch when you attempt to take care of her. You do get frustrated when she cries but it won't be long until she can interact with you and start to reciprocate. When she smiles at you and you get excited....well, there's not much else quite like it. It really warms my heart because it's VERY apparent that little Clara is warming yours. May that continue for all of your years....

{Sophie, as big sister}

As you continue to get older, you get more and more interesting. I enjoy our talks so, so, so much, Sophie. You have no idea. You ask your Dad and I so many questions. Smart questions too. I just love that I get to watch as your mind develops, as you continue to become your own little person. Well, big person....I stand corrected. Your favorite things are arts & crafts, swimming, playing with cars, music, dancing, reading, playing with friends and playing outside. You are quite energetic and seemingly athletic. Dad and I have made it our recent mission to enroll you in more physical activities to help get some of your energy out. I think you're going to like it!

I could write about you all day every day for weeks because I have so much to say. But with our little newborn, it's been hard to find time to sit and write. It's taken a week on and off to write this little bit. Just know that I love you more than my very own life. I am so proud of who and what you are becoming. I'm deliriously happy that I get to share life with you! Happy 5th Birthday, my very first baby girl.

{Sophie, enjoying her 5th birthday party}

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