Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where in the World is Audrey?

Choose one:

~ Feeding a newborn.
~ Taking Sophie to a birthday party.
~ Trying to catch up on emails and voice mails from friends (and, most likely, failing).
~ Spending time outside (because it's finally a little cooler in CLT and I MISS being outside).
~ Reading and trying to finish THE HELP (because Alain & I want to try and catch the movie tomorrow with baby Clara. Alain is still on Paternity Leave but it's flying by and almost over!)
~ Meeting up with friends when I can manage it.
~ Trying to upload Sophie's birthday photos. More technology issues. I know, SHOCKER.
~ Trying to manage my never-ending to-do list and getting frustrated because I can't seem to complete anything. Life with a newborn.
~ Slowly preparing for our annual beach vacation. WOOHOO!

We had a BLAST celebrating Sophie's 5th birthday. It's hard to believe I am now Mom to a 5 year old. Sophie's party was so much FUN to prepare for and I can't wait to share the details but not enough time's a sneak peek....

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