Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Original Birth Announcement Ideas

What a pleasure to head to the mailbox today and find this little cutie awaiting....

I immediately fell in love with the foil envelope and the petite size.

And could that be.......could it.....yes, it is.....coordinating stamps. Aaaahhhhh...
(wish we had some little stork stamps like these ~ so, so cute!)

Our friends, who live in Holland, gave birth to their third child at the beginning of June. As soon as I saw the envelope, I knew this was the birth announcement. You see, their birth announcements are so original. With their first child, it was a puzzle. You had to put it together to read the details. With their second child, it was a beach ball. You had to inflate it as the details were printed on the actual ball. Here is the third.....

It's a handheld fan. As you can see, all of the baby details are printed on the front.

This sweet little homemade card with the crown embellishment is a Thank You card they sent for our baby gift. It's too adorable!

So this very original birth announcement got me thinking about how traditional Americans are with regard to their birth announcements. Don't get me wrong.....I LOVE a nice birth announcement, especially one with photos. However, I am quite intrigued now by other birth announcement ideas. After doing some Googling, I found some new, refreshing ideas (too bad I ordered ours weeks ago!). These few were my favorites:

Love Bug Bookmark Birth Announcements- Set of 50

The bookworm in me is IN LOVE with the idea of birth announcement bookmarks.

Personalized seed packets? Oh my, how I do love this idea. These in the photo are baby shower favors but you can personalize them to say whatever you want. I'd love to receive something like this!!!

Vroom, Vroom
Birth Announcement Magnets. There are so many to choose from. I liked this one because I'm always drawn to very colorful transportation themes.

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