Sunday, July 10, 2011

Capturing Motherhood in a Photo

In my personal Capturing Motherhood series, I am adding this new photo.

Sophie's favorite toy(s), without so much as a distant second, is her cars. She plays with them daily. I love to watch and listen to her play cars. She lines them all up or parks them all in a very straight line. Over the years I've bought two different little "towns" for her to play cars on. The car rug from IKEA is the newest one (which she loves) and the older one is interlocking soft play squares with an imprinted town that I bought at a consignment shop. This new photo is one I took after a "car wash session" in the bathroom, after Sophie arranged all of her cars on the bathroom rug to allow them some drying time.....

One day I know I will miss rounding the corner to find Sophie's car collection spread all over the floor.

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