Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's the Season of the Lion..

....Leo roars to life!!! This was a headline on MSN this morning. It reminded me that my baby girl, who is due at any moment, is now a LEO!!!! I can't even believe it. All this time, I've been reading up on the Cancer zodiac sign. You see, I am a very grounded Earth sign. I'm not only a Taurus but my ascendent is also Taurus. Yet I live with some FIRY, FIRY, FIRY folks. You might know them as Alain & Sophie. So, as soon as I learned I was expecting, you best believe I started researching. I was hoping to have a baby with a strong earth or water sign to balance things out in this house. But I guess that wasn't meant to be. Leo is a fire sign. And I am now strongly outnumbered!!!! :-)

Image: Lion roaring (© Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images)

{image via MSN}

(*No, I don't hedge all of my bets on the zodiac's more like a fun little read up on, research, better understand other folks.)

The truth is I don't care what my baby girl is.....I just can't wait to meet her. My little lioness cub! Come on out, baby's TIME TO ROAR!!!

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