Friday, July 8, 2011

A Beautiful Holiday Weekend

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend for us. Alain took Friday off and, of course, had Monday off for July 4th. We mostly hung out at home and it was super relaxing.......such a fun time. I took pictures here and there and wanted to share some....

People always tell me that Sophie looks just like me and I couldn't deny her if I wanted to. Of course I love to hear that but I also know that people get deceived because Sophie shares my coloring (skin, hair, eyes). The truth is that she is a small little version of her father. People who know both Alain and I well agree with me. This is just another photo of the many I have of the two of them. These photos always make me smile and laugh. Alain & Sophie often have their heads tilted at the same angle. Their eyes are similarly shaped. As are their noses and their mouths. I think it's so, so, so adorable.

Hubbell, looking as handsome as ever. He's definitely aged a lot and gets whiter by the day, it seems. But look at this puppy face. He still has it. (Notice his little "bracelet" in the photo on the bottom? It's left over from his dental cleaning a couple of weeks ago. The fur is finally starting to grow back in and it's baby soft. I love to rub it.)

Alain & Sophie surprised me with this homemade banana split. Um, yum. I can't even recall the last time I had a banana split. The night before they'd read a book about Curious George visiting an ice cream shop where George had enjoyed a banana split. It's not uncommon in our house for us to replicate foods we read about in Sophie's books!

A shot of the melon plants. The A-frame trellises seem to be working out really well so far.

A red-headed woodpecker has been visiting our suet feeder quite frequently. On Sunday I planted myself in a lounge chair with camera in hand to try and capture a shot of this magnificent bird. Of course he was nowhere to be seen. But I did catch this woodpecker several times. The above shot is the best I could capture. I just LOVE those speckled wing feathers!!! (I did some research online to try and identify the type of woodpecker but they all seem to have speckled feathers so I have no idea what species this one is.....)

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