Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Mad Men Obsession Continues....

I was thrilled when I read the news that Mad Men has been nominated for 19 Emmy awards. Let's set one thing straight though ~ I am not your stereotypical celebrity-obsessed American, I don't typically watch awards shows and I don't watch much TV at all. Still, somehow I got caught up in this show and I LOVE IT!!! I often wish I could be a member of the show staff that researches all things 1960's to make the show as accurate as possible! How fun would that job be?

Anyway, I can't say that I will watch the Emmy's (unless it's to catch a glimpse of Jon Hamm) but I will definitely follow to see which awards they do receive. See this link for the list of nominations. I will be rooting hard for Jon Hamm as Best Actor, John Slattery for Best Supporting, Elizabeth Moss for Best Actor and (surprise!!!) Randee Heller as Miss Blankenship for Outstanding Guest Actress. Also, Matthew Weiner is up for a writing award for my favorite episode from Season 4, "The Suitcase".

Also, some miscellaneous Mad Men items:

I love this interview with Jon Hamm.

Did you know there's a Don Draper Barbie?

Mattel Mad Men Don Draper Barbie Doll - Gold Label

I didn't realize that John Slattery had directed an episode this past season. Here's his take.

Banana Republic will be offering a line of clothing based on Mad Men characters/1960's looks. quickly can I lose this baby weight???

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