Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musings on Mad Men Season 4

As we all know, I am totally and completely smitten with Mad Men. Earlier this year, I finally managed to convince Alain to cancel cable and it was a great decision......the ONLY bad part being that I can't see Mad Men right when each episode airs. I have to wait for the entire season to be released on DVD. Well, last Tuesday was the big day.....I was at Target bright and early and purchased the Season 4 DVD. Alain and I have watched one or two episodes each night since then. Much to my dismay, we finished the season last night (why oh why do they have to be so short???). Here are my thoughts:

~ This season was dark (oh Midge!) and wouldn't rank as my favorite by any means.
~ I despised Don for most of the season. He was just AWFUL.
~ It still seems completely out of character to me that Don would keep a journal. ???
~ My heart broke for Sally in almost every episode. That girl needs some serious love and attention. And she's so, so, so precious!!!
~ Betty Draper Francis is so despicable. I abhored her each time she appeared on the screen. In some alternate universe, if I were an actress, I wouldn't even want to play the part.
~ I knew right away that Joan didn't get the abortion. Whew. Craziness... I can't even wait to see how Roger reacts when he finds out.
~ On that note, I don't want for Greg to come back home.
~ I am still so angry that Betty fired Carla. WTF???
~ Henry has definitely grown on me. I look forward to seeing what happens now that he's turned on to how horrible his wife is....
~ Episode 7, "The Suitcase", was my favorite of the season.
~ THIS was my favorite moment of the entire season (from "The Suitcase")....because I find the relationship between Don and Peggy to be the most interesting....

Mad Men -- "The Suitcase"

~ Ms. Blankenship was a real highlight of the season. I loved the comedic relief. She was AWESOME...
~ Like Rachel Menken in prior episodes (oh how I miss her!), I really liked, admired and respected the character of Faye Miller. Although I didn't understand some of her actions with Don, I hated how hard she had her heart broken (even though I knew it was coming). These are the two women I've seen on the show (Rachel & Faye) who were truly just too good for Don.
~ Toni Charles was so adorable and I loved her with Lane. I wish she were a bigger part of the story.
~ I almost fell off the couch when Lane's father clubbed him with his cane.
~ I was truly heartbroken when Anna passed away. She was one of my favorite parts of the entire series. I guess I want for Don to have someone who really knows him, someone that he can be himself around. Maybe Peggy will fill that role now that Anna is gone?
~ Don is a horrible, horrible father.
~ I am so embarrassed to admit that I am secretly attracted to this guy (because I truly can't stand his character)...

~ Peggy is still, for me, the real highlight of the show. Seeing her grow personally and progress in the company is something I look forward to the most. Please don't disappoint Matt Weiner! I love how her character continues to surprise me (hello....getting undressed with the new Art Director).
~ The scene with Peggy & Joan's reaction to Don's engagement (which is insanity!) was like sweet candy to fans of the show.
~ Roger continues to have the best lines in the series. He is hysterically funny! My favorite of this season was when he gave the massage/mani/pedi to Joan and she went to thank him...to which he replied, "Since I've been rubbing you the wrong way, I thought I'd have someone rub you the right way!" (not verbatim but close enough).
~ The one exception to Roger having the best lines was Faye's line that Don only "likes the beginnings of things". I think that's an example of foreshadowing at its finest!!!
~ I love, love, love Don's new office. And Roger's too. Great set design!!
~ Love him or hate him, Don Draper/Jon Hamm is simply one of the most gorgeous men to walk this planet....

The rebirth of the cool: Don Draper (Jon Hamm) gets his groove back in "Mad Men." (Michael Yarish/AMC)

Read the NY Times article here for the status of Season 5 (to Season 7 -- WOOHOO!!!)....

Matt Weiner already KNOWS THE ENDING to the series? That alone is enough to keep me interested....

{All three photos by Michael Yarish/AMCTV}

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