Friday, April 1, 2011

My Nesting List

I am 25 weeks pregnant today. And, at this point, I am starting to panic just a tad because there is still so much left to do before this baby is born. I thought it might help to put my to-do list down on, well, computer. Let's just see how much I can get done in 3 1/2 months!!!

Pussy Willow Nest

~ Go on mommy/daughter trip with Sophie (just the two of us!)
~ Finish Sophie's baby book (pathetic, I know, but it is what it is)
~ Finish organizing photos (before a gazillion new ones come flooding in!)
~ Finish organizing Sophie's 5th birthday party (because it'll be about 4-6 weeks after the baby is born....)
~ Finish organizing another secret/surprise project
~ Choose a name for the baby (which won't be shared until after the birth)
~ Clean out room that will be nursery
~ Have nursery painted
~ Finish decorating nursery
~ Wash baby clothes
~ Choose a birth announcement and have ready just to fill in details & possible photo!

{image via Martha}

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