Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Little Things...

~ The sound of a honking goose as it flies overhead. One of my most favorite sounds.
~ Chive blossoms. They're so beautiful that I don't want to trim the plant....

~ A free iced green tea from Starbucks in celebration of Earth Day.
~ Using my own coffee mug for the above so as to avoid their #6 plastic lids!! Ahem.
~ Seeing the doctor on Monday and having her tell me that the baby is now head down (at least for that moment ~ fingers crossed!).
~ Hearing my baby girl's heartbeat.....I could listen to that all day long....
~ This container that Sophie and I planted about a month ago....

~ All of the donations we made to Goodwill and the library over the weekend as we make room for the new nursery!
~ Breathing room now that our house is a little bit more empty!!!
~ Sophie's expression as I attempt to blow out my birthday candles....totally priceless!

~ Sweet birthday wishes....thank you to everybody...!!
~ Watching Mary Poppins with Sophie for the first time and seeing her face during the more magical scenes!
~ Yellow Snapdragons....

~ I mailed Letters #6 & #7 in the 52 Week/52 Letter Challenge.
~ Adele's latest CD, "21" (my birthday gift to myself).....I am IN LOVE with this CD. (add this to my list of ALL THINGS ENGLISH!)


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~ Hearing Sophie singing "Rumour Has It" from the backseat. "Rumour Has It....ooohhhh."
~ THE baby bump. Well, on second thought, there's nothing little about it!!!

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  1. Oh, chives! I hope mine come back and flourish! And snapdragons, I want snapdragons! :) My aunt and uncle have those and coral-colored salvia scattered around their delphiniums.
    I love your blog! It's really beautiful, a pleasure to read.


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