Friday, April 8, 2011

NYC Wish List for April 2011

It's that time of year again! The family will be heading to NYC in the next month to celebrate my birthday. How much can we possibly squeeze into 3 days? We'll see. I'm going to try to fit in the below. Wish us luck....


{Photo by Denis Finnin/AMNH}

~ Visit Moomah

{photo via Moomah site}

~ I didn't make it to Pop Bar on my last trip. While this isn't high on the priority ranking, I'd still like to check it out....especially if the weather's warm.
~ Enjoy another picnic on Cherry Hill in Central Park (the last time was just too good NOT to be repeated, Sophie talks about it all the time)

{my own image from last year's picnic}

~ Visit the The High Line; I've heard and read so much about's about time to see it in person.
~ Take Alain & Sophie on a tour bus (you might remember I did this in August and I LOVED IT!) and take more inspiring pictures (see here and here)
~ Possibly visit my dear friend, Helena, and her brand new baby (due April 10th - or is it the 13th?!?!?!) out in Westchester - I know Sophie would go NUTS over the train ride!!!
~ Visit with "Uncle Jordie"
~ Wish Mr. Kaplan a great big "Happy Birthday" in person!!! :-)
~ Stop in Fishs Eddy. Yes, this is on the list every time.
~ Wander with no destination. Discover something new.
~ Be amazed....

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  1. Sounds so dreamy.. I have a thing for Fishs Eddy too. The perfect place for darling salt and pepper shakers or polka dot bowls! Wishing you a great trip.. Am headed ther soon myself.. Would love to hear how to enjoy a short trip without shoving it all in!

    Thanks for your sweet comment today!


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