Friday, April 22, 2011

It's the Little Things

I've had an uninspired week. I don't know how else to describe it. It's been busy with a family visit last weekend, garden planting (!!!), Passover, a reduced school schedule for Sophie (due to Easter/"Spring Break") and my normal crazy number of projects, visits with friends, etc. Even though I've been busy, for some reason, it still seems unsatisfying. What can I say ~ I'm weird.

This morning is dark, gloomy and rainy. Soph's school is closed today. Pooh! Alain rented "Homeward Bound" for her and she is transfixed. It really is a great movie!!! Anyway, that's allowed me a few somewhat peaceful minutes of "surfing" and blogging. In my "travels", I was so pleased to come across a new blog....honestly, it was the name that captured me...."A Serenade for Solitude"....remember my post about quiet & solitude? Well, this blogger hosts a regular Thursday series called "The Little Things". And I really appreciate this. Our lives are so harried and busy that we have to make an actual effort to slow down and appreciate the small things. (I've been buried in David Wann books this week so this is all very fitting!) This week, making my own list of "The Little Things" will definitely lift my spirits....

It really is the little things....

A nice, warm shower all by myself.
A warm mug of herbal tea.
A big, furry dog lying on my feet as I type.
The $4 dress I found for Sophie at a consignment shop earlier this week. It's from Gymboree, has green stripes and a beaded strawberry at the neck. She absolutely loves it and is wearing it for the second day in a row. Will try to capture a photo so you can see how well it fits her personality...
A deep and dreamy sleep.
A really good book.
Plating the first summer-crop seedlings in my garden.
The color yellow.

My backyard birds.
Time to daydream.
A husband who can clearly see when I need time alone.
Reading a book alone at Starbucks for over an hour, in peace (see above entry).
Receiving an unexpected package from a friend, with a handwritten card and a gift.
A very nice dream involving Colin Firth.
Little baby kicks in my belly.
Hearing good things about my friend, Helena's, newborn.
The song, "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones. Lifts me every single time, without fail.
Pinterest. My greatest source of inspiration lately. Join me, won't you?
Lunch with my dear, lovely, funny friend, Calvin, and our "bakery crawl" around Charlotte.
David Wann's book, "Simple Prosperity" (someone speaks my language, TG!)

So there you go. I could write all day but Sophie is BEGGING me to play with her. And that one of those little things itself, isn't it?

Next week I'll make my list on Thursday....


  1. I am so happy to have you joining the little things! You have a wonderful list here, and I can relate to so many of them being so meaningful. I'd like to join you for a "bakery crawl" and "a shower all by myself." You must have little ones who strip and climb in with you, like I do. ;) I also want to read that book! We just moved out to the country and are thinking of all the ways we can move toward living a more sustainable lifestyle.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Cassie, I'm so happy you popped by. If you're ever in Charlotte, let me know and we'll do a bakery crawl (twist my arm!). I'm a little green that you moved to the country....I DREAM of moving to the country. I am tired of suburban life! You'll love the book, by the way!

  3. Yes, indeed! Here's to hoping you can find your way to the country one day soon!! xx


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