Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been a busy little bee lately. So much going on. So much on my mind. Here goes....

*** With regard to the 52 Week, 52 Letter Challenge, I mailed #4 today.

*** I'm making a huge effort to de-plasticize my kitchen. After reading articles (such as this one and this one) and research and books for what seems like ages, I decided there's no time like the present. About a month ago, I was reading a magazine (can't remember which one) and this really caught my attention:

about #6 plastic (PS) --
"Made of petroleum byproducts, commonly used for meat trays, foam food containers, and Styrofoam. PS can leach carcinogens and hormone disrupters, contributing to infertility and cancer, and its production requires carcinogens and ozone-layer depleting compounds. Because PS is so light and unsinkable, it' s easily carried by wind and is a main component of marine debris."

That last sentence immediately made me think Chris Jordan's photos of dead albatrosses with stomachs full of plastic. I don't understand how anyone wouldn't be moved by this.... We are all responsible.

Midway:<br/> Message from the Gyre

I was particularly interested in #6 plastic because its not recyclable where we live. After reading the above, I came home and tore apart what I have in the frig, etc to see what #6 plastics I could find. Luckily only one but a very concerning one. Hmmmmm. So is anyone familiar with Danonino yogurts for kids? Normally I would never buy these because they're not organic but my daughter is very attracted to them in the store and I've bought them for her on a few occasions. Yep, you guessed it, #6 plastic. Not recyclable and potentially harming my child. I was angry. Since then, I check products in the store before I buy them. No #6 for me.

Last week I almost passed out when I realized that the to-go lid for my Starbucks latte was #6. WHAT? Call me naive but I expected a bit more from Starbucks. So not recyclable AND I'm also ingesting whatever toxins leak out when my EXTRA HOT drink pours through the lid to land right in my mouth. Swallowed and right down to my unborn child potentially. I was pissed.

In my research (and who knows what to believe), I know that this form of plastic is FDA approved. Does that make me feel any better? Hell no. I don't trust that. All the evidence seems to point to the fact that PS can leach potential toxins into food/drink. And, honestly, why take a chance? I'm so glad to know all of this now. I thought I should pass it along so that others might know as well....

This week I finally went out and bought a whole bunch of glass containers of varying sizes. And all of my plastic Rubbermaid, etc went into the recycling bin. Already I feel better. AND, as a bonus, I was able to buy Anchor products which are still made in the USA.

*** I just finished the book "American Wasteland" by Jonathan Bloom.

I discovered this book on The Non-Consumer Advocate blog. I thought I'd have a hard time getting into a book about food waste. WRONG. It was actually quite fascinating. By the end I realized I already do more than most as far as this topic is concerned. I compost all of my fresh fruit & veggie remains and I use my own compost in my garden. Still, I've renewed my other efforts to reduce food waste:

1. Plan meals in advance. This is hard for me because I don't enjoy cooking AT ALL but I'm working on it.
2. Shop smarter. See example below.
3. Be better about using/eating leftovers (also not easy for me). See sites below...
4. Store food properly (working on this) and understand expiration dates.
5. My store already donates produce that is "going bad" and offers a sale rack so I'm making a bigger effort to check out the "sale rack". Today is a great example:

There were 2 very large tomatoes in a bag, a little soft but otherwise looking great and they were priced at $1.58. Way too good to resist! I can use them for dinner tonight (Caprese salad anyone?) so they're perfect. When the cashier was ringing them, he didn't realize they were "on sale" so he just punched in the number on the little label on the tomato. $6.38. I pointed out his mistake and he immediately corrected it. I saved $4.80 and saved these 2 tomatoes from the possible dumpster. I was so proud!

The book also turned me on to two great sites:
1. Love Food Hate Waste (as it turns out, the English are putting the US to shame as far as efforts to reduce food waste go!)

*** I've been wanting this book for a long time. This morning I stopped by Borders to pick up a book for Sophie and I found it in the Clearance bin for $5.99. I was SO STOKED. I can't wait to make things with these vintage patterns. I'll share when I do. I love this book...

Reprodepot Pattern Book: Flora - click to enlarge

*** Guess how many pillows I'm sleeping with these days? FIVE!!! Yes, the belly is getting quite large these days and I'm just starting to get a little uncomfortable during the night. All those pillows help a lot. The baby is moving around a lot more now and I can feel that she's much bigger. Sometimes she kicks so hard I feel like her foot will pop right through my belly.

*** With regard to My Nesting List, I've made plans for the Mommy/Daughter trip. Sophie and I are heading to Hilton Head Island for part of next week. She LOVES it there (she calls it "The Turtle Beach") and I know she'll be so happy when she finds out we're going. I'm also excited just to be at the beach for a little while when it's not yet really hot out. I have all kinds of plans for us while we're there ~ mini golf, ice cream, playground, biking, nature walks on the beach, etc. I'm really looking forward to my first vacation trip alone with my girl.

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