Friday, March 11, 2011

52 Weeks, 52 Letters

Today I was so thrilled to come across this "challenge". (Hey, I've always warned you that I arrive a little late to the game sometimes.) Even though I appreciate today's technological advances (I try, I really do!), I can't help but keep feeling that we're losing something. A heartfelt email is nice but nothing warms my heart like handwritten correspondence in my mailbox. I literally want to do cartwheels each time I get a handwritten letter, postcard, invitation......well, anything really. I have ridiculous amounts of stationery that I've accumulated over the years and this will give me the perfect opportunity to put some of it to good use. What's one skipped TV show if it means putting a smile on someone's face? I'm actually looking forward to doing this, at least for the moment. It might get a little challenging this summer with a newborn but, according to the rules, handwritten thank you cards and the like should count. :-)

Anyone care to join me?

Be sure to check your mailbox!!!

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