Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Big Sister!

As you might imagine, one of the greatest parts of this pregnancy has been sharing it with Sophie. Due to my history and my fear of something being wrong with the baby, we didn't share the news with her until after the four month mark. We had intended to wait longer but during one pleasant Saturday morning breakfast we decided we couldn't wait any longer. The thought of telling Sophie was just too exciting! My darling husband, who is one of the world's biggest sentimental shmucks, began telling her but started to get emotional. So I finished the job. It took a moment to sink in for Soph. Then her eyes started to get bigger and she started to grin....

Her very first question? "Will my little sister go to my school?" Yes she will, for a few months, until you start kindergarten was our reply. She was delighted!

Her second question? "Mommy, how does the baby come out of your belly?" Oh, the dreaded question. To which I replied.....Well, you see, Mommy has to push really, really hard to get the baby out. "Does it hurt?" Well yes, it hurts a lot but my doctor will be there to help out and she can give me medicine if it hurts too much. Under the table, I was wrenching my hands. I was so scared she would ask me WHERE I pushed the baby out. To my surprise, that question never came. It still hasn't to this day.

One of the reasons I had decided last August to stop trying for a baby was because I also thought that the age difference between Sophie and a possible younger sibling was getting to be larger than I would want. Boy was I wrong. It hurts to think about all that I would have missed out on. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how much a part of this whole process Sophie is. It's not just between Alain and I. She understands everything. She asks the most interesting questions. I love the pride on her face when she tells other people that "Mommy is growing a baby in her belly". I love her smile when people ask if she's going to a good big sister and she replies Yes.

All my life I've wished I had a sister. Every woman I know who doesn't have a sister tells me the same. So I am THRILLED on Sophie's behalf that she will have a sister.....a sister just like I always wanted. As with any parent, I just hope that they are close and that they have a good relationship. I know it's mostly luck but I'll do everything in my power to steer them in the right direction.

I am so very lucky that things have turned out this way. I'm so happy that Sophie is four and a half. I don't mind the almost five-year age difference that will exist between my two children. I am delighted that Sophie will perhaps remember some of this and will most likely always remember the day her baby sister was born. I still count my little brother's date of birth as one of the happiest in my life (yes, even though he wasn't the sister I'd dreamed of!). Most of all, I'm so happy that I am "growing a baby in my belly"....a little sister for the soon-to-be, sure-to-be wonderful BIG SISTER SOPHIE.

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