Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snapshots of a Weekend in NYC!

We're back. Already. It always goes by so fast. There's no way to slow it down. There will never be enough time to fit everything in. I don't ever want to leave when I'm there. I'm always a little melancholic to come home ~ I can't help it ~ it's a totally different life. This time, with a little one arriving soon, leaving was hard because I don't know how soon I'll be able to return.... (sniffle)

Can I just say that the weather was DIVINE? We couldn't have chosen a better weekend. Not one drop of rain. Beautiful sunshine. Fair weather (unlike HOT Charlotte).

There were some overcast moments but even those were beautiful in their own way.

And then one always has the vibrant colors of Chinatown to liven things up...

Spring was in FULL bloom everywhere we looked.

We visited old friends and met some new "friends" too.

The T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History was a real highlight for Sophie! Mom was rather partial to the elephants in the Hall of African Mammals and the Blue Whale (WOW!).

As always, I dreamed about city life and what it must be like. This second image is my dream address ~ 1 Gramercy Park.

We checked out some of our favorite places.....

{The Chrysler Building is my favorite skyscraper. Love ARTDECO!}

{The Flatiron Building}

{The Empire State Building}

{The Guggenheim Museum}

And even visited some new ones...

{The High Line....oh how I loved it!}

{The famous Apollo Theater in Harlem}

{Grant's Tomb. I had no idea this was in Manhattan!}

{Not sure what this building is but just enjoyed the architecture!}

Oh New York, New York....you are already missed....

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