Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Little Things....

~ Blogger is back up and working. Whew! (Smile)

~ With regard to the 52 Week/52 Letter Challenge, I've been keeping up. I really enjoy taking the time to handwrite a note to my friends and/or family. In most cases, I'm sending a birthday card or a thank you card but I take the time to write out updates, etc. What goes around does come around. In most cases, I get a nice email in return. But I've also reconnected in such a beautiful way with my friend, Jen, the recipient of my first letter. The challenge also prompted one or two folks to beat me to the punch and write to me first. How nice.... So glad I signed up to do this!

~ These gorgeous Gerber daisies that I purchased last weekend and potted in an old container I had around. This shade of pink is DIVINE! And I rather like the fringy petals....

~ Having a lovely, peaceful dinner with Alain on Saturday night, at one of my all-time favorite restaurants. We were celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. Thanks, baby!

~ The song, "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" by Crash Test Dummies. I just love it.

~ Having fresh lettuce whenever I want....(it's so yummy!)

~ Spending almost an entire weekend at home. This barely ever happens. It was very relaxing and we enjoyed a few delicious homemade meals. Our backyard is really lovely and, pretty soon, Charlotte will be too hot to stay outside for long (sniffle).

~ This photo of one of my cabbage plants. For some reason, I LOVE growing cabbage. I love the humongous leaves and the colors of the plant ~ the reddish-purplish veins running through the gorgeous green leaves. I measured last week and one leaf is over 12 inches long!!!

~ The first three Mother's Day messages I received on Sunday (aside from my immediate family) were all from guy friends. I love that! Those guys are the BEST.....

~ Spending four hours alone last Friday browsing at the International Collectible & Antiques Show. Too fun!

~ My new Delphinium plants. This photo speaks for itself. They are divine!

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  1. Awesome Delphinium plants! I want some of those around my parts! I am loving those fringy Gerber Daisies, too! Ahh, hours spent alone at an antique show...priceless.

    Happy Sunday!


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