Monday, May 9, 2011




Those of you who know me are probably laughing at the idea of me saying I'm "born to shop". I am not a shopper! I can't imagine a worse way to spend my spare time. Honestly. I go when absolutely necessary and maybe sometimes when I'm bored, unhappy, anxious, etc in an attempt to distract/cover up. Shopping just doesn't fill me up and make me happy.

I know there are people who live to shop and some who even plan vacations around shopping. Well, I'm about as likely to shop on vacation as I am to, say, go to work. I even have a number of close friends who use the term "retail therapy" quite regularly. As for me, well, I get my therapy other ways. In recent years I've subscribed to the school of "voluntary simplicity". It's true, at least for me, that the less "stuff" I have, the happier I am. There's less to maintain, pay for, clean, organize, worry about, take up space.

BUT there might be just one EXCEPTION....

I went out this weekend to purchase some plants, etc for my window boxes and something to grow up the trellis in my garden. Well, I got none of the above. BUT I did come home with about $80 in other flowers & plants. Walking around a nursery looking at all of these amazing flowers, veggies, succulents, etc is so relaxing and therapeutic to me. There may have been a couple moments of guilt at spending so much money on plants. But they're all perennials which means ~ assuming I can keep them alive ~ they'll bring color, joy and cut flowers for years to come. And just the thought of that makes $80 look like a great bargain.

Here's a peek at the back of the car as I left the nursery....

So all of you born shoppers can keep your new clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, household items, etc for yourselves. Just be sure to leave a few plants for me to admire and pick up every now and again!

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