Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Little Things....a Garden Edition

~ The smell of freshly growing basil. It makes me crave a good Caprese salad every time...

~ On Monday, I caught sight of several ladybugs crawling around. The first this year. I was so excited!! Welcome, ladybugs!!!

{these were the best shots I could get with my crappy camera}

~ My very first potato flowers. This is my first year growing potatoes. I've been winging it with no idea whatsoever of what I'm doing. Seems to be going well so far though.... We shall see. In the meantime, the flowers are pretty....

~ The smell of really good, fresh compost. It smells so clean.

~ The first tomatoes are visible. YAY!!!!

~ Those of you who know me well know I have a life soundtrack. And I've noticed that, each week, I seem to have a song or some type of music on my "Little Things" list. That wasn't intentional ~ I think I'm just always singing or listening to something. So, after some thought, my garden-themed song for this week is Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows". (Believe it or not, I couldn't think of many songs that would be good for gardening....that aren't meant for preschoolers!???!!!) "Every night be tucked in close to you....."

Although this isn't gardening related, I have to give a shout-out to my Lil' Bro because his race team won AGAIN in Atlanta last weekend. I was so thrilled! Best of luck to Chris and the rest of the team next weekend in Kansas.....

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