Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Capturing Motherhood in a Photo

Sophie & Oopsie

I always heard that age five is a BIG year developmentally.  I never quite knew what to make of that statement and often questioned the truth of it.  Now I am experiencing that it is indeed true and I am watching it unfold daily.  While a five year old seeks more independence, at the same time they still want cuddles and attention and praise.  They start to develop deeper relationships with friends and family members.  They really begin to grasp more complex concepts and feelings, etc. and, as I know from my own life, start to have memories which can last their entire lives.  In Sophie's case, this is all true.  She can really articulate her feelings well. She tends to listen a bit better than before but she still has tantrums and emotional breakdowns.  In a few weeks she'll start school and spend more time away from home than maybe ever before. She'll make new friends and establish a foundation for a life outside of our home and family.  It's a lot for a mother to take in. It went by so quickly.

The four of us went out one night last week for a quick burrito.  Sophie asked to sit at a chair in the window by herself.  Not entirely by herself though....Oopsie joined her.  She got a booster seat for him and everything. Alain, Clara and I sat at a proper table just a few feet away yet I couldn't tear my eyes away from my baby girl sitting at the window with her animal friend.  So big yet still so small.

I fought back the tears in the restaurant but they flow freely now.

I am so proud of her and I am madly in love with who she is becoming!

PS ~

As is very common in Sophie's life these days, Lil' Sis had to interrupt to see exactly what she was missing out on.....I just had to include a photo of that!


Nonno Carlo, thank you for that most adorable outfit for Clara. It's perfect!


  1. Clara looks so cute!!! and the leggings are perfect, he has a good eye!!!Sophie...of course she is starting the age where she needs time for herself.
    Audrey did U do the rainbow cake? Fantastic...I saw this cake in Pinterest, great idea, Congratulations!!! Love you

    1. Hi Cris! I wish I were talented enough to make that cake. Of course it was my friend Elizabeth. She makes all of our cakes. I'm so thankful for her. She brings my visions to life and her cakes are ALWAYS the star of the party! Miss you.

  2. I love that Sophie wanted to sit by herself and that you let her do so! Good for you! LISTEN to your children! It is so important! (Of course, I know that you do!!)
    And Sophie? Oh my, does it not look as if she is saying, "Could you please take a photo of me in this dress and put it on your blog?" Glad you listened to her too!
    She's adorable in that outfit!


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