Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not a fan. NOT A FAN.

I looked out my window this afternoon to see this.

This is not my cat.

As I watched, the following occurred....

That is definitely my mouse.  My sweet mouse who lives underneath the bird feeder.  She hangs out with the mourning doves in the afternoons and eats seeds that have fallen out of the feeder.  I can't believe it.


This evil cat has killed my mouse and left it and has now parked herself directly underneath my bird feeder.  The feeder where all my resident birds come to eat and hang out.  Including my beloved Harry Winston.

Over my dead body.  I head outside.

I am very upset about my mouse.  VERY UPSET.

Suddenly a tiny bit of motion catches my eye.  I look over.

There she is sitting in the shade beneath some trees.  Curled up like she actually belongs here.  I chase her away screaming.

I do love animals but....this cat.....I am really NOT A FAN.


  1. Awwwww poor little mouse :( makes me kinda sad.

  2. So sorry, Audrey! Unfortunately the cat was just being a cat. I don't think that cats should run free, and this one does not look feral. My sister Barb sometimes ties her cats on when she's outside in her backyard doing whatever. Barb discovered that Smoke was a worm wrangler! Smoke would pat the ground, call up, and catch worms! Now Barb doesn't take them out with her anymore. My grandmother in Nova Scotia was always chasing roaming cats off with a broom because she loved the birds in her yard. I do hope another mouse shows up for you. They're probably there somewhere!

  3. Hey Audrey!
    There is a real problem with cats. Too many roam free. They should be kept INDOORS and that is all there is to it. At least 1.4 BILLION birds are killed by cats in the USA. Go and look at the Audubon Society website and you will see these figures, I am not making them up! Feral cats, in particular, are a real problem in this country but no one wants to address it.

    1. Yes Kay, I totally agree. I don't mind cats but they should be indoors. I don't let my dogs roam around the neighborhood.....roaming through people's yards and harassing their animals. It's just not right!

  4. I could have SWORN I commented on this post, Audrey! Anyway, I'll add my two-cents worth now. I'm not a fan of free-roaming neighborhood cats. I used to live next to an outdoor cat that used my flowerbeds as a litter box. Not cool. He also "sprayed" my front door on a regular basis - so gross. I have always kept my cats inside - not only to keep them from bothering my neighbors, but also to keep them safe from harm. I am sorry about your little mouse, but cats-will-be-cats and I'm a way bigger fan of cats than mice! Lol.


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