Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Since I didn't do my own birthday post this year, I'm making a smaller version with some of my favorite "Audrey photos" from 2015.  Photos that seem the most ME.

We made new friends early in the year and they invited us to their farm.  FARM!  I was so stoked.  It quickly became my happy place.  Surrounded by all kinds of animals and far away from "civilization".  I loved visiting their farm and would crave it if we went long without visiting.  Much to my dismay, the couple split by year end and the farm is now up for sale.  The animals have all been sold.  This broke my heart on many levels.  Still, I smile every time I see this picture.  I am happy surrounded by lots of animals.  Period.

I'm also always happy with boots on and snow on the ground.  I take a picture every time we're blessed with snow here in Charlotte.  It doesn't happen often so I have to take advantage when I can.  Anyone notice a theme here with the feet/shoes photos?

What my nightstand normally looks like.  I love being surrounded by lots of books and magazines to read. It's comforting....

Alain bought this tea mug for me early in the year.  It quickly became my favorite.

Yes, I know this photo is blurry.  I LOVE IT.  My Mom took both girls up to Lynchburg for a few days this Summer so Alain & I took advantage and went out one night.  It was in the middle of World Cup and two friends/husbands of my friends joined us.  We watched the game at a local pub then went to my favorite wine bar for Open Mike night.  It was my favorite night of the year (not my favorite morning after though  ~ whew!).  Much to my dismay, the wine bar closed not long after.  Boohoo!!!  But I loved that evening.

The scariest thing I did this year. The girls, my mom & I went tubing in my hometown of Lynchburg.  Wow.  It's a long slide and the tube spins the entire time.  I cannot express how terrified I was on my first run down.  Another mom noticed my look of panic and loss of breath.  She told me to lock tubes with Clara so that we couldn't spin (too wide for the run).  From then on out, it was loads of fun.  But WOW.

When it's nice out (anything below around 75 degrees), this is where you'll find me.  With a good book and my trusty sidekick, Millie (more on that another day).

I watched our butterfly bushes like a hawk this Fall.  There was a hurricane raging all around the South/East and I didn't think the Monarchs would make it.  I cried when they finally showed up. Exactly 52 weeks to the very day as my first Monarch photo last year.  How on Earth do they do that? They are so magnificent they take my breath away. The girls and I would lay in the grass as they fluttered about above us. My count wasn't as high this year but we had a small showing.  I recently read that someone illegally logged 20+ acres at the Monarch site down in Mexico.  Heart breaking.  Truly heart breaking.  I can't even think about it.  So we're moving on....

While at the beach in November, I collected all these tiny shells.  They were amazing.  After taking some photos of them, I noticed my hand looked glittery.  Sea fairies perhaps?  Hmmmm....   I returned them to the ocean to hopefully delight someone else another day.

My love for Snoopy & Charlie Brown continues and got quite a boost this year.  I really do not like all the commercialization surrounding movies but I squealed when I saw these postal stamps.  Only my most special happy mail gets one of these babies and I smile HUGE smiles each time I stick one on an envelope. Charles Schulz was so genius.

One of my passions is setting the dinner table when friends come over.  Sometimes I like the settings so much I have to take a picture!

I couldn't believe it when I cut my strawberry at breakfast one morning and found this perfect little heart.  I'm pretty sure this was my most liked Instagram post last year.  It's just so unexpected and happy!

The hardest part of my year was having to say good-bye to my Kenzie Snooter, my furry soul mate.  This is us circa 2002.  When my Mom brought her ashes down to Charlotte, I clung to them and cried like a baby.  After having to live with my parents for four years, my Kenzie was back home with me where she belonged.  Since that day, I've felt an odd peace.   She lived a good, long life filled with tons of love.  But I still miss her every single day.  I'm sure I always will.

The three people I love most in the whole wide world.  Sitting on my favorite beach....my most happy of happy places.  Dolphin watching.  What could be more me than that?



  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this post, Audrey! I was SO happy to see your blog pop up in my reader this morning! :o) I think this is a perfect collection of photos that represent YOU. What a great idea for a post. ♥ LOVE the blurry photo in the pub, and that precious photo of you and Kenzie!!! Ah! I love this post so much, I'm gonna' go read it again... xo!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Deb ~ you're so sweet! In the first few days of the year, I've done almost as many posts as for ALL OF 2015!!! I intend to do better this year. Fingers crossed.

    2. My fingers are crossed too! I love when I see that you've posted! :)

  2. This made me feel warm and fuzzy all over, Audrey! It's just awesome to have you back posting!

  3. Dear Audrey,
    I loved this post from beginning to end. I see that Louise above said it made her feel warm and fuzzy, and I can only say , me too!!
    Your monarch photo and the strawberry heart!! The Peanuts stamps!! Your sweet photo at the wine bar, the photo of you with your girls in the tubes!! The seashells in your hand! The beach! Oh, I love all of this.
    So HAPPY that you have starting back into your blogging again!!!


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