Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Our neighborhood school (where Sophie attends school and I am very active with the PTA) worked extremely hard over the past week on this video.  It's adorable and so happy!  If you just happen to be cheering for the Broncos, well, BOO ON YOU!!!   Hope you enjoy it!   GO PANTHERS!!!



  1. That is SO fun!!! I watched for Sophie but couldn't pick her out. Since the Cardinals are out of the running, I think I'll just go ahead and route for you team. Go Panthers!!! xo

  2. Oh dear, my sister lives in Colorado but I have to cheer for the Panthers just because of Sophie now!! Here's the thing, she is in Colorado, she will never know, will she? It will be our little secret! xx

  3. Thanks to both of you for watching the video and for your kinds words! The kids were SO was infectious and a lot of fun. Last week was a week they won't forget for a very long time! It's too bad the Panthers lost....

  4. Hi Audrey! I dropped out of the on-line world for a while, and now I'm back catching up. What a darling video in support of the Panthers. As a retired elementary teacher, I know just how much work that took to put together! I hope the kiddos weren't too devastated when the Broncos won! I, of course, was cheering for my Broncos and Peyton.

  5. Even though the panthers did not win, this really was an awesome video :) you have Cam Newton so there are more Super Bowls in your future.


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