Saturday, December 11, 2010

I heart WINTER & Dante Terzigni

I am a PINTEREST addict. I admit it. But I thank GOD for that site because it's where I keep track of random things I come across online that I want to save for later. Anyway, I came across this winter scene on someone's site a few months ago and I had tagged it to one of my Pinterest boards. It caught my eye again today so I decided to look up the artist, etc. Well, now I know all about Dante illustrator and designer who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. So I peeked through his gallery and shop and found that I like a lot of his work. Some of it I've shared below....

christmas tree

The winter illustration that originally caught my eye. Would make a great holiday card!


This one is called "Vacation Blues". It speaks to me because, when I was young, I always cried when one of our family vacations ended and we had to go home again.

Home Sweet Home 8"x10"

"Home Sweet Home". I like this one.

Sushi 7.5"x20"

I don't eat sushi but I love the graphics of this illustration. It would look great framed in a kitchen...

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