Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Friendly Reminder

Have you fed your birds this winter?

Last week I brought our bird feeder inside, took the entire thing apart, and scrubbed it down. Now it's back up, full of sunflower seeds, and the birds are having a blast.

A little seed = A lot of happiness!

Tweet tweet!


  1. You know I love the birds!
    Listen, sometimes the news about the weather gets it wrong, but the birds NEVER do. Watch them, if you ever notice that they are frantically eating and there seems to be more of them than usual, there will be a major cold, or even a snowstorm right after.
    Have you ever noticed this?
    So happy you feed the birds too, and hopefully, your girls will follow suit with their children one day too!

    1. Hmmmm, very interesting, I have NOT ever noticed this but you know I'll be super observant now!!! Both girls really love birds (Clara is obsessed) and that makes me so happy....

  2. That little house finch is so cute. I haven't been feeding the birds lately. Maybe I should.
    I used to put out feeders when we lived in Parker, until I discovered a Cooper's hawk hiding between the feeders and preying on the little birds who came to eat! If you like birds, there is this blogger named Noushka in France who posts the most incredible photographs of birds. Here is the address for her blogsite:
    I hope you are having a great day, Audrey.

    1. We get a lot of hawks visiting our yard (my header photo is one sitting on our driveway!) and I'm always scared they'll get one of my resident birds. I haven't seen that happen yet though, thank goodness. Thanks for sharing that blog ~ those photos are AMAZING!! Whenever I get an EOS camera, I'll be hiding out in the trees trying to get a shot like one of those!!! Thanks, Louise!

  3. O, I've been wanting to have one of these bird feeder things. We don't really have these here (nor do we have winter) so I'd have to order one in from the States or something. At present we just throw bird feed out on the backyard roof, and drive Kip insane with all the birds that come fighting haha


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