Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Special Guest

Last weekend Alain and Sophie went out to run some errands and spend some time together.  Shortly after they left, Clara went down for her nap.  I made a chai, sat down in my chair and started to read and answer some emails.  The weather outside was really beautiful and I had put the birds out on the deck (oh, how they do love to be outside!).  As I was typing away, I heard some fluttering going on....but that's the norm around here and I hardly notice it any more.  BUT, suddenly, I realized there shouldn't be any fluttering because our birds were in their locked cage out on the deck.  I knew immediately what had happened.  I had the backdoor propped open to let in some fresh air.  One of our resident birds had obviously flown right into the house.  So I slowly tiptoed to the kitchen.  No bird.  I peeked around the corner to the dining room and spotted the little booger immediately. I ran to get my camera.  As the feathery cutie flew from spot to spot, I took a few shots.

I was clearly stressing this cutie out so I went to fold a load of laundry. My back was to the dining room.  It didn't take long but I heard the swoosh of wings as he flew by me and right back out the door!

It was so much fun while it lasted!!!!


  1. Those adorable house wrens have NO FEAR! They makes nests on all our porches in the most inconvenient places. It is a good thing they are so cute. ... And very spunky! I bet he fussed at you for letting him in.

  2. Hi Jeanette! Thanks for telling me what type of bird it is ~ I'd been wondering. I keep seeing this same bird outside on our deck and at our window feeder and I say hi. It was nice having him/her as a house guest for a bit!!!! Hope you're well!!!

  3. Dear Audrey,
    It IS a wren but it is a Carolina wren! You can tell by the white stripe above the eye. It is a dear little bird and it will make a nest in a hanging basket, in the eaves under your house, or wherever it can find a place. Carolina wrens are GREAT insect eaters so they are wonderful to have around!! (Oh, and I know that they have this bird on the South Carolina state tag, I think...but there is a bit of controversy about it, since it is a bad drawing of it, it didn't look much like it!) Oh dear, this comment is too long, sorry...I might have to post about it!!!)


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