Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Snippets!

Spring is an appropriate name for what's been a particularly busy season for us so far!

Here are a few photos I've taken over the last couple weeks:

We spent the first half of Spring Break in Nashville. Here, the girls hang out at the zoo with our friend, Evelyn.

Flamingos are one of my favorite animals to photograph.

I think this was the one and ONLY time Clara has ever fallen asleep in her stroller. I HAD to take a picture. Otherwise, no one would believe me!  For the record, it didn't last long.

I have a thing for elephant butts. Am I the only one?

We spent the second half of Spring Break in Asheville. I REALLY like Asheville.

At the Western North Carolina Nature Center. I adore this picture.

Street performer in Asheville.

Since Clara did not let us sleep AT ALL while we were in Asheville, we were KNACKERED. On a very rainy day, we headed to the Grove Park Inn and all collapsed in some comfy chairs (with some spiked hot chocolate!) while Clara harassed the family next to us. It was so comical (and sad!) that I had to take a photo.

A wild turkey in someone's front yard!!!

After our trip, Sophie and I met my Mom in Greensboro to pick up Hubbell as she kept him during our trip.  While we were getting a warm drink, a man drove up in this AMAZING car. Sophie fell in love. The owner noticed and offered for her to sit in it. Wow, she was happy.  So glad I have a few pictures to share....

(Thanks, Mom, for taking care of Hubbs!)

Could you die?  That car is so adorable.  Can you even see Soph's tiny little head in there?

My first ever radishes straight out of the garden.  It took about 50 attempts. I have no clue why I have such troubles growing radishes.

They were beautiful on the inside with gorgeous white veins throughout ~ here's a photo of them in a salad I made....

Sophie picked out this dress for herself and it looks so cute on her!

The Jeep has been getting a lot of use lately.  Even tiny little Clara has learned how to push the gas pedal and drive it around.  Watch out, neighborhood!

Soph is such a good big sister.  Clara worships her!

Clara refuses to wear her sun hats but I've found that she really likes wearing mine.  How funny is she?

A close-up!

My first blueberry blossoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for my first blueberry!  CANNOT WAIT!

My first strawberry bloom.

The flowers on the hill are in bloom!

I think I've created another birdwatcher!!!  A cheeky little birdwatcher!

Hubbell's new profile.  Still as handsome as ever!

Clara takes a walk with Daddy.

I love this crazy family of mine!

(That is very typical Clara, by the way ~ cannot be still for one second!)

The girls have been enjoying their new wheelbarrow.  We had the sprinkler on yesterday and they filled it with collected water (which was then recycled in the garden!).  It kept them busy for at least half an hour.  Thanks, Mom & Dad!

(Note: That is not a bruise on Clara's side....just something wrong with the photograph. I clearly don't Photoshop!  What you see is what you get!)

Hope your Spring is off to a great start as well!


  1. Aww, sweet, sweet kiddos! That is a most unusual flamingo photograph. And yes, that is certainly a nice car -- Sophie should have driven it off ;)

    1. I'd never seen a flamingo drink water before and it was kind of wild. I just had to take a picture! I love the's so a little marble.

  2. Beautiful Pictures Audrey! Thank-you so much for the update! I can't even believe how much Clara has changed, she is still wee but definitely growing up fast! Kisses to you all xo

    1. Hi Tia! Thanks for the comment....we love and miss you, as always. Yes, Clara is so big now. So big!!! :-)

      HUGS & KISSES!!!!

  3. Absolutely precious photos of your family! Thanks for sharing, Audrey! I hope Hubbell is doing well!

    1. He is, Louise! Really well. He's back to himself now that he's not in pain anymore....playful like a puppy. It's so wonderful!!!

  4. Hey!
    I am just now able to leave a comment! What great photos! I was going to tell you which was my favorite, but I love EVERY SINGLE ONE. That Clara is so much a second-born, we are in a class all our own!
    I MUST TELL YOU THIS (if I have not already) tell Clara a story about the little girl who could not sleep until she met the rag doll who told her that in order to sleep, she has to let her little body be "just like the rag doll" and then show her how the rag doll goes all relaxed and limp, and see if THAT will help her sleep! Don't wait until she is 5 years old, the way I did with my son!!!
    Kay (Giving advice to those who don't even ask for it!!)

    1. Hi Kay! I am certainly not above receiving some advice on how to get my child to sleep. I took her to the dentist this morning and she told me that all of Clara's K9 teeth have just popped through so that could definitely have something to do with her not sleeping as of late. Fingers crossed! They've all broken through the gum now so hopefully the worst of that is least until the 2 year old molars start popping. Criky. Will try the "rag doll trick" and see how it works! Thank you!!!!


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