Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Favorite Visitor

Look who's been popping round for a visit every day for the past week or two.


She is magnificent!  I'm pretty sure she's a red-tailed hawk.

Our yard has (black) snakes, mice, squirrels, rabbits, birds and who knows what else.  I can understand why she comes here.

Do you see her talons?  And her chest feathers?  So gorgeous!

Sometimes I wonder if she just enjoys posing for my pictures!

See what I mean!!!

She visits often but, on this occasion, I decided her plumage was too beautiful to keep to myself.  

I'll keep trying to get better pictures.  I'm a bird nerd and I can't get enough....

PS ~ In light of my recent post, I wanted to share this article. Interesting.  I was pleased to know that most people agree that cats shouldn't be left roaming freely about the neighborhood.  Thanks for your emails and comments! 


  1. Oh she is BEAUTIFUL! How fun to have her popping around on a regular basis. Too bad for her that your yard is one-mouse-short due to the recent cat visit. Yikes - I just had a horrible thought of that pesky cat getting to your beloved hawk. I can't even imagine how upset you'd be!

    Thanks for the link to the article - I'll check it out...

    1. When I took those photos of the cat, the hawk was sitting in the tree above the cat. Before I could get photos of the hawk, she flew away. They were clearly hunting the same mouse. Not sure why the hawk gave up and flew away. May have been my presence. But I was rooting for the hawk and that contributed to me being so angry that the cat killed the mouse. At least the hawk will eat it!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Hawks are magnificent birds :)

  3. Your hawk is gorgeous, Audrey! Thanks for sharing it with us. Fascinating article! I had no idea the numbers were so high. If people have pets they have a responsibility to treat them humanely and well and to not allow them to cause problems for other people and living things. Take care!

    1. I didn't know the numbers were so high either (although the majority of that is feral cats). Still, I didn't let my dogs run freely about the neighborhood causing all kinds of mischief.....why should cats be any different? Hope you're well, Louise!


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