Saturday, December 28, 2013

Old City Cemetery ~ December

It's become a running joke in our family.....when we're in Lynchburg, after breakfast, when we debate what to do that day, I'll say, "Who wants to come with me to the cemetery?", and noone ever says yes.  So you can imagine my delight earlier this week when Alain actually suggested we go for a visit.  He hadn't been before.  I was so pleased when he expressed what a cool place it is and how much he liked being there.  I was happy to get to visit during winter.  While Alain looked at all the cool old tombstones, I looked for bird's nests in the trees and photographed the wreath project (part of Wreaths Across America).  Here are some of my favorite photos....

I followed this woodpecker around for quite a while and this was the closest shot I could get.  You can't tell here but his/her head was really red.  So gorgeous!

I, of course, was so pleased when I found that Harry Winston had followed me to Lynchburg. Isn't he the BEST? 

As I was visiting the Old City Cemetery website, I came across this schedule of peak times for blooms and wildlife.  A lot to look forward to....even if I have to visit all by myself!  More than that, I look forward to taking the girls there when the weather is warmer.....

Seasons in the CemeteryPeak of Bloom for Antique Roses: Last two weeks of May
Peak of Bloom for Lotus Pond: July and August
Peak of Fall Foliage: Last two weeks of October
Birds & ButterfliesPeak of Bird Population: First week of June
Peak of Butterfly Population: August


  1. Beautiful. Those wreaths are so lovely and poignant. I trust you've been having a wonderful holiday season. A blessed, peaceful new year to you and yours :)

  2. Thank you. I have heard of these wreaths but I have not seen them photographed. They are lovely.
    Most people don't know how beautiful cemeteries are, I am glad that you do!

  3. Hi Audrey ~ Gosh, if I was in your family I would totally go to the cemetery with you! ;o) Your photos are awesome, and by the looks of this year's schedule I'm guessing you'll be going back!

  4. What a beautiful cemetery bathed in the wreaths with red serene...


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