Sunday, January 5, 2014

NATURE in 2013

Each year I look forward to putting together my "Highlights" post.  As I went through last year's photos I realized I didn't want to do that post.  This year was NOT AWESOME (to use the famous words of Tia Jenny).  Even looking back through the photos was hard for me.  But, of course, there were nature photos GALORE.  Tons and tons of them.  It took forever but I went through ALL OF THEM and chose my favorites.  I'm displaying them here.  Some you've seen before and others I haven't shared yet.  I'd really LOVE to hear which is your favorite.

I can honestly say that the highlight of my entire year was getting my camera as a birthday present. I often wonder how I would have survived the year without it.  Every single one of these pictures was taken after April (all with the new camera).  Reviewing these I'm struck by the number of birds and butterflies.  At least half of these photos were taken right in my backyard.  How lucky am I?  And I couldn't stop thinking about how much I look forward to Spring.....when the birds become REALLY active again and all the baby birds come out.

I know which of these is my favorite, although it was exceptionally hard to choose.
Tell me, do you have a favorite nature photo from 2013?  If so, I'd love to see it!  And please don't forget to tell me which of these you like best!

Hope 2014 is off to a fabulous start!



  1. Your nature shots are beyond amazing. I always love seeing them. This was quite a nature year photo-wise :)

  2. Wow, beautiful photos! Yeah, I hear you on the NOT awesomeness of 2013. Sheesh. Glad that's over. 2014 off to a rocky beginning already, I have resolved to begin again...every day if that's what it takes.
    I love you photos. As I scrolled down I kept making new favourites. I LOVE the one of the humming bird. I have been trying to capture a humming bird for a long time, we have a lot around here, and it is nearly impossible. Especially with my camera! I also love the swimming croc in the placid water, that is a beautiful shot..the bee on the clover is something out of Nat Geo and beautiful. You are lucky you live in a place with so much nature, and have an eye and mind to give it attention! Love you Tia, xo

  3. Oh, Audrey, these are all such great photos! The only way I'm able to choose a favorite is by going with the obvious - that cute little turtle walking away from you! LOVE him!!!

    I know what you mean about finding comfort behind the lens of a camera! Here's wishing you a wonderful 2014 with plenty of awesomeness to photograph!

  4. Yeah, Audrey! Give your readers an impossible task ~ to pick one favorite!
    The horse, the ducklings, the baby alligator, your soaring hawk, and hovering hummingbird! My favorite nature photo of yours was Claire running in the wind with her arms outstretched! That one seems to be missing from this collection!

    1. Oh Louise, that is so SWEET OF YOU to remember that picture. I actually ALMOST put that one in the mix but then decided against it because I didn't want a person in any of my choices. I do love that picture so!!! Thank you so much for remembering...... XOXO

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    3. Hi Audrey! I was spinning around in bed in the wee hours last night trying to think of all the books I read last year, and I suddenly thought "Did I call Clara Claire? Even though I got up twice ~ once to write down a list of books and once to add to it, I resisted the urge to turn on my computer and double-check! And yup, I called her Claire ~ oops! I have a cousin Claire! Have a good one!


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