Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Most Welcome Visitor

We had record low temps in Charlotte this week.

During the two freezing cold days, the birds were exceptionally active in our backyard.

While loading the dishwasher, I looked up to see this sweet wren visiting our deck.

He/she stayed around just long enough for me to take these pictures.

Which make me so happy!


  1. What lovely photos of this sweet wren, Audrey! I hope you and the family are staying warm. Love your header with Sophie! *hugs*

    1. Hi Louise! Yes, today was back up to around 65 degrees. So we're plenty warm now. But you know me, I LOVED THE COLD and miss it already. XOXO

  2. A CAROLINA wren, don't you know!!
    Guess what, Audrey?!! We have had a sweet Carolina wren take refuge in the greenery that I have on our front door, and last night, when we opened the door, it flew into the house! Richard and I worked for quite a while to try to capture it without injuring it....finally, it flew out the window that Richard had opened for, he has to get a new screen! OH WELL, anything for the birdies! (I didn't get a photo of it, too concerned for his/her safety!) xx
    I also love Sophie's Sweet Smile Whilst Swimming! (Why don't we use "whilst", I think we should!)

  3. What beautiful photos Audrey!! I love wrens :)

  4. Oh these are fantastic photos, Audrey. I think most of the birds have really flown south for the winter. ;o)

    I had a good little chuckle that you were proud of me for doing a bird theme for my SIL's baby shower. Haha. BTW - I did not make the cake - it came from an amazing bakery near my sister's house. OMG it was AWESOME!!! Custard and strawberry in the middle...yum!!!

  5. So very, very sweet. And what an adorable new blog header you have :)


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