Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Sneak Peek Inside Sophie's Dollhouse

Sophie's dollhouse is your run-of-the-mill dollhouse.  Alain and I gave it to her for her 3rd birthday.  Over time it's been filled with a family and several rooms of furniture but that is not what makes it special.  I don't remember how it started but every so often Sophie provides my Dad with a Dollhouse Wish List.  The lists are really quite amusing.  Some of the items that come to mind are birthday cake, cheese plate, car rug, birdcage, flower bouquet, and a toilet.  But one thing you need to know is that my dear father is quite creative and imaginative and he's provided her with several doll house items that even Sophie couldn't think of herself.  As  I was straightening the dollhouse a couple of days ago, I took a few photos of my favorite items to share.....

My second favorite dollhouse detail. An easel and paint palette. Not too crazy, right?  EXCEPT that my Dad took Sophie's actual artwork, shrunk it down to dollhouse size and added it to the easel.  So adorable!  Sophie was very excited when she opened this on her birthday!

Of course this one is my favorite.  I think Sophie may have even asked for a picture frame but my Dad upped the ante by shrinking down a photo of Sophie & Hubbell to put in the frame (she was about Clara's age at the time). As you can see, this has been well-loved and is starting to come apart a little. After I saw the photo, I promised myself to fix it up a little.

What dollhouse would be complete without its own dollhouse inside? So cute. Where does my Dad find this stuff?

And the car rug?  Sophie LOVES this even though we don't have any miniature Matchbox cars (good thing because I'm sure they'd be lost in 2.2 seconds!).  When Soph was little, she was obsessed with Matchbox cars and played with them DAILY.  I always adored that about her! I'm sad to report that she's outgrown her love of cars and Clara didn't inherit the same interest in Matchbox.  Pooh! We still have a huge Matchbox collection languishing in a cute bag inside one of our toy boxes.  They only get pulled out when we have boy friends over for playdates....

It wasn't long after we adopted Scout and Atticus that Sophie requested a birdcage for her dollhouse. Dad did not disappoint!  It's really quite pretty. Oh and I just noticed the little fruit basket seen in this photo on the kitchen counter ~ that was also courtesy of my Dad.

One of my favorite things about Sophie's dollhouse is the fact that the chicken coop resides right in the kitchen (that's it to the right, behind Grandpa, in the above photo)!  The rabbits are usually hanging out in the living room. And every once in a while a horse can be found up in the attic. Clearly, it's my kind of place!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Dad doesn't read my blog but Mom may share this with THANK YOU DAD for giving Sophie's dollhouse so much soul and character.  You know it wouldn't be the same without all of your loving and special additions!



  1. What a special granddad your children have, Audrey! It's wonderful to see kids growing and thriving in such a loving and supportive environment. My heart would ache for all my kiddos who didn't have love and security. It makes all the difference in the world. The photo of Sophie with Hubble build to dollhouse scale is priceless! XOXO!

  2. You had me at "dollhouse!" Oh my gosh, Audrey, what a treasure these things are. I love Sophie's random list of things she wants for her dollhouse, and clearly your dad has supplied so many sweet things that she knows the sky's the limit. That artwork on the easel and the little photo of her and Hubbell? Oh my gosh, beyond sweet! These are the cutest dollhouse pieces I have ever seen. LOVE this post!!!

  3. This is beautiful. Reminds me of the dollhouse that my niece Madison had when she was little :)


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