Friday, January 31, 2014

Life Gets A Little Slippery Sometimes....




Sorry for the photo overload!  For me, this was a first. Clara & I were pleasantly surprised when we visited a local pond (where we relocated Shelly last Summer!) to find it completely frozen.  There were three geese there and they were all hanging out and slipping across the ice.  Clara & I watched and giggled and took pictures and had a good time!  I'm so thrilled we caught them at just that moment because it got up to about 54 degrees today and I doubt the pond remained frozen.

52 Weeks in Nature :

With this post, I'm joining Magic Onion's 52 Weeks in Nature.


  1. Wonderful shots Audrey! I am glad nobody captured photos of me trying to walk in the ice last week LOL

    1. Keith, that is hysterical! Hope things have warmed up since the weekend!

  2. Beautiful! They didn't actually trip and fall over did they? lol

  3. That is a favorite memory from my son's childhood...we saw a duck trying to get across a frozen pond, but every time he would get up on the ice, the ice would break...and he kept, kept, kept trying until he got to thicker son cheered his efforts!!
    And your header photo is wonderful! We had a hawk just like in our backyard recently and we have identified it as a red shouldered hawk...that black and white on the tail is amazing, and the beak looks almost blue to me!
    I tried to leave a comment on your post where you had all the nature photos, but my computer went down...I wanted to say I loved them all but I think the one with the butterfly landing on the flower would win a contest. xx

  4. Poor geese ~ and they thought that they went south to avoid that! LOL!


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