Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's that time of year and we're finding babies everywhere.  It's so much fun and the cuteness is almost too much to bear!!!  I've been trying to catch photos whenever and wherever I can.....

In Charlotte, there are goslings everywhere at this time of year.

This little quartet still had the yellow baby fuzz on their heads.

The amount of tadpoles in this pond were staggering.

These are the very first tadpole photos I've ever taken.

This baby bunny lives in our yard.

Apparently, this baby opossum does too!

Sophie discovered this sweet baby walking around our backyard. So glad I was able to capture it!

The nests at the Great Blue Heron Rookery are filled with baby herons.  Clara and I watched the moms flying all over and in and out of the nests feeding their young ones. Way too exciting!!!

How about you?  Are you finding any babies around your neighborhood?


  1. you have a Baby Opossum in your garden!!! He is so cute!!! Around our house I saw many babies birds, really very normal, nothing like in your garden, still didn't go to the Woods or to the mountains. Every week-end is rainning and still cold, until now only at the beginnig of spring was warm then finito...niente piu...spring jumped Switzerland, forgot that we Need also a Little bit of Vitamine A.
    Love you

    1. I know, I can't believe what a cold spell you guys are having this year. I know you're so unhappy about that! Here's wishing you loads of warm weather and sunshine!!!!!!! I'm sure all the baby lambs will be out on the farms soon. Wish I could be there to see them....and you!!! Love you!

  2. Oh yes, baby birds! I need to do a post about them!

    Audrey, I must tell you about a book that you might not know but that you MUST find and read it to your is "Possum Come A Knockin". It was one of the FEW books that C. INSISTED that I read, because you MUST read it with a Southern accent!!
    (Oh, and Sophie will like it too!)


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