Monday, May 13, 2013

Special Delivery: MOM

It appears we started a tradition last year on Mother's Day.  Remember this post?  We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again.  A quick trip to Target, a raid of the craft bin, and TADA......surprise Mother's Day bags.......  

We decided upon a few rules: 

1. You can't be a former recipient.
2. Sophie cannot wait for them to open the door. She must place the bag right in front of the door, ring the bell and run as fast as humanly possible back to the car.

I picked five women who are really good friends to me but who have also done a lot for Sophie over the years.  I let her pick which three would get a bag.....explaining the whoever is left out can be on next year's list!

Here are pictures of Sophie in action.....

I wasn't even thinking about a good teaching moment that might be buried in this fun little tradition.  During the delivery, Sophie said to us, "But they don't give anything to us."  So Alain and I had a chance to explain that you don't always give to get something in return, that it's great fun to give to others and that our friends have given us many things over the course of the year and this is a great way to thank them and make them feel special.

I hope all of you had a lovely Mother's Day as well!

PS ~ Hubbell is doing well and really rebounded from his surgery.  Doc says we probably have 3-6 months left with him (or until his eye gives out on him (glaucoma is horrible and painful!)).  He was always spoiled but we've taken it to a whole new level now.  I'm so beyond thankful to have this remaining time with him to show him how wonderful he is and to have talk after talk with him about what a dream come true he's been for our family.


  1. What a sweet tradition, Audrey!
    I'm sure that Sophie won't forget the fun of dropping those bags and dashing back to the car!
    I'm so happy to hear about Hubbell. I'm sure you will make his extra days full of love.

    1. It really is a lot of fun ~ so fun that the entire family wanted to come watch ~ all five of us (my mom was visiting) were piled into the car and laughed the whole time. I especially like the picture of the little dog watching Sophie from inside the house! Hope you're well, Louise!


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