Friday, May 17, 2013

Scout & Atticus popping in.... wish you a VERY HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!

Note: I took these pictures from our deck. When I'm outside, the birds love to fly over to the door and watch me through the window.  They chirp so loudly I can hear them out in the back of the yard.  On this day, I had my camera and was so happy to finally get some pictures of them while this was happening.
Scout & Atticus were at Uncle Jon and Aunt Leslie's with their five bird cousins while we were at the beach and while Hubbell was recovering from this surgery.....about three weeks in all (THANK YOU JON & LESLIE!).  Now that they're back, I realize how much I missed these feathery little beasts while they were gone!!!


  1. O, they are SO sweet! They look very friendly, and even a little mischievous!

  2. Scout and Atticus, oh my dear, they are lovely birds.
    And I know you must be my honorary daughter, since you love "To Kill A Mockingbird"...wonderful book, wonderful movie.


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