Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Project ~ New Crayons!

  One of my Summer Bucket List items was to make new crayons from all of our old, broken ones.  I'd been saving the broken crayon pieces for at least a year.  I also used the cheap waxy crayons that you get for free at restaurants (see photo of red crayons below).  I found the hardest part of this project to be taking the paper off the old crayons.  Luckily I had Sophie's help.  NOT.  She peeled one or two crayons and I peeled about 300.  It took a while. Whew.  

Putting down some plastic or paper is a very good idea ~ this was also messy.

I purchased a silicone mold from Michael's (about $6 with a 40% off coupon) and we filled them up.  There are tons of tutorials for this project online and, while I like the mixed, rainbow crayons, the Type A in me HAD to separate the colors.  Thank goodness Sophie agreed!!

We put them in a 230 degree oven for about 30 minutes and WALA....

Melted wax.  We let them cool on the counter for an hour or two (who can keep track of time when you're losing your mind having so much fun!).

The girls love the new crayons.  Clara has been asking to use them every day.  The star shape is actually ideal for her baby chub hands and it's pretty clear she prefers these over the regular crayons.

I've been wanting to do this project for a long time ~ I'm happy it turned out so well!


  1. Oh how fun! And now I'm kicking myself for sending a great big bag of crayons to the thrift store a few weeks ago. Ugh! I'd been holding on to that bag for years and finally purged it. These are really cute!

    1. Ha ha. I wish I had that bag!!! We want to make more but I don't really want to break up new, perfectly good crayons to do it.... This is definitely a First World problem!!!


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