Thursday, July 4, 2013

Music To My Eyes....

The past few weeks have been insanely busy (which included a week with Alain away).  Not all of the past few weeks has been happiness, chilled white wine and roses but I don't feel like typing about that today.  Instead, I'll share some of my favorite photos I've taken when I was inspired to pick up my camera.....

Do you remember the SuperMoon?  Wow, it was bright and insanely beautiful.

We made our very first trip to Overlook Park at the Charlotte Airport.  That was kind of fun! 

While my parents were here visiting, I also invited my cousin and her boyfriend over for dinner.  Since Alain was gone, I actually cooked.

I'd checked out Meatless, the vegetarian cookbook from Martha Stewart and decided to try out a few recipes.  I had tons of zucchini and eggplant from the garden so my choices included those.

The dishes just looked pretty and I wanted to take some photos to prove that I really do cook sometimes!

My Bee Balm plant is such a show-off.  I can't stop taking pictures of it!!!

My homegrown cucumbers always make me happy!

This year I bought a flower plant called WhirlyBird.  I love the flowers but, even more so, I love the leaves.

We took this photo to show just how large our zucchini leaves are!  Massive.  We call them elephant ears!

One night Alain and Sophie played Quirkle.  While it's a fun game, I just really love the game tiles!

The first blueberries from my garden.  One of my happiest gardening moments, for sure!

Alain made stuffed peppers/zucchini one night for dinner.  Who wouldn't be inspired to take a photo with all of these gorgeous colors???

More "Whirly" flowers.

These Marigolds are HUGE!

Sungold Tomatoes.  One of my favorite things to grow, for sure!

Turn baby, turn!!!

I took this one a recent nature walk.  Mother Nature's perseverance is always an inspiration to me!

One day's harvest.  There is nothing quite like summer gardening, is there?


  1. What fantastic photos from your garden! I love your blueberries too!
    Now, that whirly flower looks like some kind of nasturtium to me, is that right? I love it!!
    You look like a pretty good cook to me! But you might be a bit like me, the color of things are so important. I would have taken a photo of the peppers too, they are gorgeous!!

    1. Yes, the Whirlybird plant is a Nasturtium! Good call, Kay!

  2. Lovely post, Audrey! Your garden is beautiful! And your dishes look delish! Especially after mellow yellow jello during my hospital stay earlier this week! I'm glad that you got to have a week away with Alain! It is so important to remember all that is good in our lives. Take care, my friend!

    1. Louise, I didn't realize you were in the hospital!!!! Is everything okay now? Will send you an email.... XOXO!!!

    2. Everything is AOK, Audrey! I was only in three nights, and I'm back on my feet again. I'm blessed with mysterious GI bleeds ~ blessed because so many have to deal with so much more. And this is doable!

  3. Your photos are lovely, Audrey, and I'm super envious of your garden! My little garden is suffering from heat exhaustion and a digging dog!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning - I emailed you about our turtle. :o)

    1. I would imagine that gardening is pretty tough with Arizona heat. Even if things grow well, you still have to go out and water! And I'm not a fan of heat! We've been lucky to have so much rain this year ~ I've only watered my garden three times this entire season. Woohoo! In 5 years, this has been my best gardening year. It's SO MUCH FUN!!! Going to respond to you email about the turtle!! I adore him!!!

  4. Audrey your shot of the super moon is fantastic!! I tried to get a good shot of it but wasn't very successful. Love the pics and the food looks amazing :)

    1. That moon was GORGEOUS and so bright! I took a ton of pictures but they all looked almost exactly the same. Ha ha. Of course!!! Thanks for your comment and the compliments!!!


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