Thursday, July 25, 2013


Clara is two.

It's so hard to believe.

It seems like only yesterday when I sat in the doctor's office and I was told that I was having another baby girl.  I guess some part of me thought I wanted a boy....because society seems to think that is ideal and what I should want.  As soon as the word "girl" popped out of her mouth, I broke down into massive tears.  It was such an immediate reaction. She asked if I was okay.....and I quickly replied....

"I am just so happy that I'm having another daughter. I'm so happy it's a girl!"

I was surprised but that's what was in my heart. I felt so relieved.

Clara Lu, thank you for being a dream come true.


You are definitely the silliest nugget I know.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl.  Happy Birthday!  

I hope you have a hundred more....


  1. Aw! Happy birthday, Clara! She is such a cute little thing, and your photos really capture her fun personality. Have so much fun today!!!

    1. Thank you, Deb! It was a fun day. Clara woke up rather confused at what all the fuss was about but, believe me, she was milking it by day's end. She's nothing if not a FAST LEARNER!!! XOXO

  2. Happy Happy Birthday you adorable crazy curious determined little warrior!
    Have a wonderful day, a wonderful year and I can't wait to hear more of what you can do and what you get up to -you spirited little muppet!
    Love you so much Clara!
    Tia Jenny xo

    1. Tia, that made me laugh so hard!!! I'm terrified to find out what she can do and get into next. Whew. LOVE YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Two years old! I think I am watching her grow up on your blog! What a wonderful post, you are so happy with your two girls, it is so obvious!!

    Happy Birthday to Clara! (Sorry, a little late!)


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