Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scooter Girl

On Friday, I decided to surprise Sophie with a new experience.  I only told her we were going to the playground and not to wear flip flops. I packed a snack for the girls and we were off....

As soon as we left home, Sophie knew we were going someplace new because we turned in a different direction from all of our usual playgrounds.  

She stayed glued to the window.  (She'd asked to wear my hat and it was so adorable on her!)

I'd stored Soph's scooter and helmet in the back of the car without her knowing.  When we pulled up to the Waxhaw Skate Park, her eyes got so big.  Of course she didn't really know what it was yet.....just a bunch of cement hills and valleys.

Once she saw me pull the scooter and helmet out of the back, she realized pretty quickly what she was supposed to do with them.  And she was off....

The smile on her face was so big. It made my heart swell.  I could almost feel a surge in her self confidence.

She was so happy.  And so was I!


Sophie scooted around for about 45 minutes while Clara enjoyed some snacks and practiced her balance and jumping on various small ramps.

 Afterwards, we headed over to the playground where Soph decided to make some sidewalk chalk drawings....

Just what does a Scooter Girl draw after some fun at the Skate Park?

Of course.

What does Mom draw?

Yes, my heart felt SO FULL.

I LOVE my Scooter Girl!!! 


  1. Your girls are getting so big, they are really growing up!
    LOve that you surprised Sophie, for some reason that is one of the nicest memories of my Dad, that he would just let me discover what I was about to see!
    Also, Love the chalk drawings that you BOTH did and the heart cut-out at the skate park. I heart both of them! :-)

    1. Hi Kay! They are getting so big. It's insane how fast it goes....even though it can feel dreadfully long on a bad day. Friday was SO GOOD though....hence all of the hearts. Happiness all around!!! XOXO

  2. Lookd like she's having the time of her life!! I tried a scooter once. Didn't end well LOL. Ouch.

    1. Ha ha. That is too funny! I also find them rather challenging....probably because I didn't start young. Soph scoots around like the scooter is an extension of her feet!

    2. Yes I was like 12 when I first tried - I s'pose that may have been part of the problem lol.

  3. These are all the things I love doing!! The weather looks so nice :D

  4. What an adorable post about your Scooter Girl, Audrey! I would have loved this as a girl! And how great to see kiddos wearing helmets now! I'll stick to falling into water, thank you. Hope that you have a great week!


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