Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Mockingbird Family

I spend a lot of time outside trying to capture photos of our resident birds.  Most of the time, I'm very lucky and get some good shots. I'm collecting them as I'm hoping to make a bird book for Sophie for her birthday.  Last week, I was out one afternoon and caught a baby mockingbird on the roof of our neighbor's playhouse....

I have to admit that I didn't know the baby was a mockingbird at first. But then I saw the parent on our compost wire......every once in a while, she'd (I'm guessing it's the Mom but I don't know for sure!) dive down into the pile and pull something out.  I kept watching....

.....and then she flew up to the playhouse roof and shared the goods with her sweet baby.

Her sweet baby is hard to please and Mom kept getting the funniest looks on her face.  No worries, Mama Bird, I know how you feel!

I ran inside to do something but came back out shortly after to find the baby on the fence.  Not long after, a second baby came along and I watched this little family for a long time.  They are so fuzzy and sweet!

It's such a pleasure having the mockingbirds around.  They sure do keep us entertained!!!

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  1. And before long, the babies will be almost as big as the adults, but they still want to be fed! (It is so funny to see this!)
    Also, did you know that the male cardinal will feed the female cardinal in the spring?
    I have a photo of this on on my blog from last year but I found it on the internet! (It is hard to get a picture of them!)
    So happy you are loving the birds!
    Hope you have a happy Father's Day weekend!!xx


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