Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spying on the Mama

Several weeks ago, while my Mom was visiting, we took Clara to our favorite local park.  I had my new camera and I decided I wanted to spy on this birdhouse.  While Mom entertained Clara on the playground, I planted myself under a nearby tree and waited.....


She came and went several times and I couldn't stop smiling as she popped in and out feeding her babies.

What a good Mama!!!


  1. Hee hee, so very sweet! You gotta love the dedication of animal moms!

    1. Hell yeah! And that includes the human ones as well!!!

  2. That bird is a tufted titmouse and is a regular visitor to us!
    (Well, not THAT bird that you photographed in North Carolina, but you know that I mean!)
    In the Spring, birds are very busy caring for their young, and often the mother birds will look quite unkempt, too busy taking care of their litle ones to look good themselves. Kind of like human mothers too! :-)


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