Saturday, August 10, 2013

Because Nature Is Just So Awesome!

Tonight Alain and I were out weeding a couple of beds (yes, I know you're jealous of our exciting Saturday night!) when Alain found a cicada shell lying on the ground.  Shortly after one of us noticed a cicada shell that was left behind on the branch of our tree. Then, of course, we noticed another....and then another.  I was amazed.  Mostly because I never heard the cicadas.  I thought they were only North of us this year.  How could I not get my camera and take some pictures?  If you haven't seen this cicada video, PLEASE WATCH IT and let your children watch it.  I may or may not have seen it about 10 times.  As I uploaded photos from my camera tonight, I thought they were gorgeous and wanted to share....

I went to change out the water in the bird bath and found some feathers floating around. It's nice to know the bath is being used. (It's not located in a spot where I can see it from the house.  We had to put it there because Clara was always messing with it and the top is not super secure!)

Only three days after my "deadheading" in Hubbell's garden, I went outside to find this tiny little Coreopsis bloom about to bust out. Amazing. It was so quick!

My basil plant has totally gone to seed. I can't even keep up anymore.  But I leave it because it attracts LOADS of bees.  And we all know how much I love my bee pictures!

My summer veggies are all dying out now (as you can see from the lovely brown leaves in the picture above).  Aaah, but the marigolds.  They are as large and vibrant as ever!

During a playdate last week Sophie and her friend took some birdseed out of the feeder and planted it in a pot.  She only told me about it a few days after when I asked why she was sneaking outside each day with a cup of water!!!  So far, six sunflowers are sprouting.  Now that's some good trouble to be getting into!

The little bloom that could!

And now for some cicada action....

Am I the only one who is so fascinated by these creatures?  (Well, at least I know one other person.....the guy who made that incredible video!  Did you watch it yet?)

I thought I'd part with a shot of one of my daylilies....from tonight at lovely and perfect.

Hope you're all having a lovely, peaceful, happy weekend!

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  1. Haha - sounds like you and Alain live the same kind of exciting Saturday nights as Doug and I. Isn't it awesome being comfy? :o)

    We usually have tons of cicadas but haven't heard/seen any so far this year. When they do come the noise is deafening! I'm always amazed by the shells they leave behind.

    And I'm super excited to see how Sophie's sunflowers grow!


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