Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Meadows

I could write about this place all day.  But I don't have enough free time.  So I will only tell you that this is truly one of my favorite places I've EVER been.  It's so magical.  


Okay, just a little bit.
Oh, the fawns.  The fawns.  I'm going next summer just to see the fawns again.  You could look into the forest while you were driving on the road and see them (like the third picture from the top). I told Alain that we have to go back when I can go to the meadow at dawn and at dusk.  Mainly for better photo lighting but also because the animals might be around.  The girls and I saw plenty of deer beds (15th photo down is an example ~ I showed Sophie & Clara the first one and then they found plenty on their own) but the actual deer weren't around in the middle of the day. While we didn't see any bears, we spoke to a park ranger who said he's seen eight so far this season. Sophie wants to camp there so maybe that's a possibility when Clara gets a little older (at the moment, she still doesn't sleep when she's away from home!).  I am also now obsessed with wildflowers ~ I'm sure you didn't notice. I'm researching books (thinking about this one) and considering attending Wildflower Weekend next year. To say that I was inspired by my visit to Big Meadows would be a drastic understatement. The natural beauty was overwhelming in a very good way!

I hope you can go one day too!


  1. Amazing captures!! I love the fawns and I love the flowers. P.S. I finally found a way to bypass Blogger's restrictions on how many blogs on can follow(300) so I am now following your blog :)

  2. Big Meadows is gorgeous, Audrey! Paths like those in your pictures make me want to run and feel the wind in my hair! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful wildflowers! Have a good evening!

  3. So pretty! And I just love the shots of your girls walking on trails. You are giving them such an amazing gift and appreciation of nature, Audrey! A camping trip there would be awesome...except for the bear part!

  4. Big Meadows looks like my kind of place too!
    Wildflowers, don't even get me started!!! xx


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