Wednesday, September 25, 2013


That is the slogan of Chipotle.  My favorite place to eat.  For many reasons.  Their new video came across my desk and I was AMAZED.  It's a true piece of art and way too good not to share.  

Have you seen it?

I really do wish people would be smarter about what they eat (I'm nowhere near perfect but I do try hard.  I try so hard!). I love this ADORABLE Scarecrow for trying to spread that message.  A message really close to my heart.  

PS ~ Ever seen this oldie but goodie?

PPS ~ This post reminded me of my Instagram entry from 2 weeks ago!

PPPS ~ I purchased the songs from both of these videos.  Aren't they amazing?


  1. Beautiful! And awwwwww, that scarecrow! O, my thoughts suddenly went to that terrible Kenyan mall siege -- I think it was the words "better world" that made me think of it again :(

  2. Oh wow I hadn't seen this - wow it's amazing. I will share this with my work colleagues :)

  3. I saw this video last week and LOVED it. So clever! I love Chipotle too. :o)


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