Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Daze

Like most of the Southeast, the girls and I have been snowed in at home for two days.  Alain's been traveling for work so I went it alone.  Whew.  I am WORN OUT but, overall, had a REALLY wonderful time.  I will always be thankful for these two days alone in the snow with my girls....

I am ALWAYS happy when I get to put on my snow boots.

With our neighbors' two girls.  LOVE.

Clara and her "bestie"

I can't get enough of this girl lately. Love, adore, admire her.

One of my absolute favorite things in life.....untouched snow, speckled with sunlight.  Truly divine.

This morning we had the most beautiful snow I've ever seen with flakes the size of quarters.  The girls and I just stood in the middle of the street with our arms out turning in circles....laughing and giggling and smiling the entire time!

I purchased some fresh flowers in advance of the storm.  I knew they'd help get me through!

The birds have been AMAZING!  Our yard has definitely been their hangout during the storm.  The girls and I walked the street behind our house this morning.  We walked along in the quiet but, as we passed our house (in the back), we suddenly noticed tons of birdsong.  We stopped in our tracks and listened for several minutes.  It was so awesome and made me incredibly happy!  More bird pictures to come....

Okay, one more view of the lavender flowers.

How else did I survive?  Well, we had many dance parties to "get the wiggles out".  Out of thousands of songs, we chose Macklemore.  Oh Macklemore!  "White Walls' was my personal favorite during this storm and will probably always remind me of these two days.

Tonight the girls and I had dinner with our neighbors and, as we walked back home, we couldn't believe how beautiful the moon was.  Full and bright. I have no idea how to get a good photo of the moon (need to study this post!) and you know this silly picture does not do it justice.  It was the best I could do with a screaming child in my arms!  As I closed the garage behind us my only thought was that this perfect moon was the best ending to our two snowy days.

Hope all of our Southeast family and friends stayed safe and warm!


  1. SNOW!!!! My fav. How rarely do you get snow there in your part of the Southeast?

    1. A snow like this? Once a decade. That's why we have to make the most of it when we do get it!!! Did you guys not get any?

  2. Aw, Audrey, I love this post! The photos and the story and the sweet feel of it. What a treasure to have this time with your girls and also your neighbors. It's fun that you have music to remind you of this time too. So many songs bring back such strong memories of times that Carrie and I have spent together! Sophie is starting to look so grown up, and every time I see a photo of Clara in the cute little penguin hat it just melts me! Fingers crossed that Alain makes it home safely tonight and you guys can enjoy that full moon for Valentine's Day. ♥ Have a lovely snowy weekend, sweet friend! xo

    PS: My word verification for this is a picture of a teddy bear and the word "Valentine" !!! :o)

    1. Thanks so much, Deb! We are determined to make it out today, even if it's just for a drive to Starbucks. Alain should arrive later this afternoon at around 5ish. It's sunny now so I'm sure a lot of the road will be melted in an hour or two. I love the word verification ~ so cute! Hope you and Doug (and Carrie) have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! XOXO

  3. Oh Audrey, you had such pretty snow.
    We had almost all ice, and then, it snowed just a bit OVER the ice, just to trick us, and it made it so dangerous! Glad you had great fun in the snow. You know that sunlight over freshly fallen, untouched snow is one of my favorites too, right? :-)

    1. Hi Kay! Yes, of course I knew that!!!! I definitely got the impression that your winter storm wasn't as nice as ours. We were lucky ~ it was so beautiful and the power outages seemed to be at a minimum. Thank goodness!


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