Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The New Feeder

After my Bird Walk, I bought a new feeder.  Bugs, Nuts & Fruits.  

It's a large cylinder and it looks a little something like this....

Yum yum.

I was very curious how long it would take my birds to find it.  Would they like it?  Who would eat from it?

The sweet Chickadees found it first, within a few hours.  They dipped and dived and pecked at it for hours.

Then it was ON.  I don't think there's a single bird in our yard who has not feasted from this awesome concoction of treats!  I was happy I put it up right before the snow.  It was THE PLACE TO BE during those two days of heavy snow.  See for yourself!

After the Chickadees, my man Harry was the next to arrive.  He pretty much made it his mission to live next to this new feeder.  Without fail, if I looked out the window, he was sitting on the branch right above.  My friend Carissa was here for a while last week and she was amazed at how he stayed in that one place dipping down to get a snack every once in a while.

Then came the Blue Jays.....

There was a would snack and the other would hang out on a branch above, almost like he/she was on lookout duty!

Anyone recognize this next bird?  I have no idea what bird this is but he/she is a cutie!

Then came the Robins......and I was amazed....I've never seen them eat anything from a feeder.  They're ground feeders!  I'm assuming this was because of the snow!?!?

And, of course, the wren was there a lot.  He's one of the easiest birds to photograph because he's less skittish.

I didn't get any pictures of the other bird visitors but I can assure you there were plenty.  Even my sweet Towhees.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me.  I was so thankful to have the new feeder last week.  It was almost like a little project I had to keep me busy!  I just noticed this morning that the last piece of the feeder was eaten off this morning.  I'm hoping the bird store has another one in stock.  When I bought this one, it was the last one on the shelf.  And now I'm kind of addicted.....along with the birds!


  1. Oh wow what an awesome feeder. And it looks like they are feasting :)

  2. Now see, if we had birds like these in Arizona I would be a bird lover too! I might even go so far as to set out a feeder myself. Your photos are awesome, Audrey, and I popped over to read about your friend, Harry. Such a cute story behind him. :o) The bird food looks really interesting - Rexy loves those meal worms (ew). Have you seen bird feeders similar to that one that you can make yourself? I want to say they are stuck together with molasses maybe (???), and formed inside cookie cutter shapes. Super cool bird photos today!

  3. PS: I just came from my friend Beverly's blog and I have to tell you something. Harry is cheating on you! I know, it's shocking, but as your friend I felt like I should be the one to tell you. ;o)

    I want to introduce you two. Audrey, this is Beverly...

  4. You've made my bird-loving self very happy!
    And any time we put out a new feeder the chickadee or tufted titmouse are always the first birds to visit!
    Good for you for providing food for the birds during the snow! You are good for the Earth, you know!

  5. Hi Audrey, I am Deb's friend, Beverly :) Love your pics and that is one cool feeder, I'll have to show it to my husband. I was amazed at the number of robins we had actually on the feeders so agree it must be the snow. They annoyed me after a bit because they were bullies to my little friends.

  6. O my gosh, awesome! With worms and everything all stuck together, yum! Bird feeders are not a big thing in this part of the world. We have to resort to throwing rice and things out on our roof. But thank you for sharing your snow pix -- we are having a hot drought here!


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