Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marching for Goldens

On Saturday we took part in Charlotte's St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We marched with the Golden Rescue......the same group that I volunteer for and the same people that rescued my Hubbell.  This was the first time that the whole family walked the entire parade together.  

And it was SO MUCH FUN!  Sophie even cried at the end because she didn't want it to be over.  

The parade was always Hubbell's favorite event so I made a sign for Clara's wagon.  

{Please ignore the ghetto masking tape I used to tape the sign to the wagon!}

In years past, Hubbs would always want to walk right at the edge of the parade.....where all the people sitting on the sidelines could rub him and give him attention.  Oh he LOVED the attention.  At times I'd try to pull him into the middle for a break and he'd pull me right back to the side.  For this reason, we'd often call him The Mayor.  He was the perfect representative for the group.....and it didn't hurt that he was the most gorgeous Golden ever.

What made me the most happy on Saturday?  It was quite serendipitous that "Hubbell's Angel" was at the parade.  I hadn't seen her in a decade.  She didn't even see me but noticed the sign on the wagon and immediately combed the crowd to find me.  Oh, I was so happy to see her! Her name is Linda and she was the person who drove all the way to Gaffney, SC, to pick Hubbell (formerly Stewart) up from a bank parking lot where he'd been hanging out for several weeks. (Can you imagine?) She rescued him and, because of that, I consider her to be my angel as well. Doesn't she look like one?  

So the weather was really ideal for a parade.  (We'll just thank our lucky stars and ignore the fact that it's been rainy, cold and miserable ever since then.)  Lots of people were out and everyone seemed so happy.  I love parades because they are such happy events!  Anyway, here's the view we had while walking.....

Sophie made sure to walk right up front with the sign.......

.....while Clara kicked back in the wagon and ate snack after snack after snack after snack.  So happy I thought to bring a HUGE cooler FULL of snacks.  I'd often look down and she'd have her feet propped up on the side of the wagon chowing down on something.

Every once in a while a big Golden would poke his/her head down in the wagon.  They really wanted some of those snacks.  And Clara was D-E-L-I-G-H-T-E-D each time she got a face full of big furry Golden Retriever!

Clara was also enthralled with the sign and wanted to tell everyone that this dog was her Hubbell.

{Oh, my heart!}

We had a fantastic turnout and almost everyone had on their various Golden shirts from over the years...

And the dogs came all decked out for St. Patty's as well.....

{my God-Dog, Champ}

{The girls begged me to take a photo of the dog with the tutu!}

I felt so thankful that we had such a fun, beautiful way to honor Hubbell's memory, while supporting other Goldens. I was super emotional when the parade started and felt so thankful I had big, dark sunglasses on to hide my tears.  I felt Hubbell's spirit marching right alongside me.  To look around and see several faces who also knew and loved my boy brought me comfort. And being surrounded by Hubbell's fellow Goldens always brings a lot of joy and overwhelming love to my heart!

I can't wait until next year!!!!



  1. What great photos, and I just love the one of the four of you at the beginning! It looks like you had beautiful weather that day - so awesome. And I'm really happy that you honored Hubbell that way, Audrey. Bless your heart. Haha - LOVED seeing Clara kicking back in the wagon chowing on her snacks. That girl! <3

    1. Hi Deb! Thanks for your comment, as always. I haven't had ANY time to blog so I'm very behind. Hope to visit soon and get all caught up.

  2. What amazing photos and what a great cause to march for :)


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